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Benefits of a Seamless Gutter System


In an ideal world, your gutters work perfectly.  Rain water drains from your roof into the gutters where it's carried to the downspouts and drains away from your home's foundation.  But all along the water's path lies the potential for problems, from debris and clogs to leaks and drainage issues.

Older aluminum gutter systems or those from big box home improvement stores are often made up of precut lengths of gutter sections.  They are connected together across the entire length of the roof section, ending at a connection piece at the downspouts.  But gutters made up of sections are prone to issues.  Each gutter section, typically ten feet long, has to be attached to the one next to it.  This is usually done by adhering them together edge-to-edge with sealant, or with lapped seams that are riveted together and caulked.

The areas where two sections attach are where you can run into problems.  Over time, the connection can start to degrade as the sealant wears away, causing leaks at the seams.  If the sections are overlapped and riveted together, these ridges will begin to trap leaves and debris, which over time can build up in your gutters.  Excess debris reduces the amount of water than your gutters can handle, leading to overflowing gutters.  And the weight of debris in your gutters may cause them to pull away from your home completely.

Enter the seamless gutter.  As the name implies, this type of gutter system is comprised of one continuous piece from end to end with no seams.  They're made from flat rolled aluminum using a portable machine that extrudes the gutter to the exact length necessary for each roof section.  

The most obvious benefit of seamless gutters is that the chance of leaks along the gutter run is eliminated.  No seams = no leaks.  Because there are no seam ridges inside the gutter trough, there is less of a chance for leaves and debris to build up in the gutters.  And seamless gutters amp up the "curb appeal" that so many homeowners are after.  A clean line of seamless gutters running along your roof line looks much more streamlined and custom than seamed gutters.

The method used to attached seamless gutters to your home is often stronger than the methods used to attach sectioned gutters.  With the multi-point mounting of seamless gutters, this ensures that sections will not pull away from your home.  This extends the life of your gutter system while protecting your roof, fascia, soffit, and framing from potential water infiltration and wood rot.

Thompson Creek's replacement gutters are seamless.  They provide all of the benefits mentioned above.  But what makes them a step above is their unique gutter hood that encloses your gutters and filters out leaves and debris.  This means gutters that don't clog and won't pull away from your home.  Thompson Creek's gutters are made in America and come in your choice of 16 premium, long lasting colors.