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What is a chimney cricket?

Although it may sound like something you need an exterminator for, a chimney cricket is actually a useful tool to […]

How to Prevent Drafty Windows

Drafty windows go largely unnoticed in warm weather, but a chilly day makes them obvious. As coats and hats appear […]

Winter Color Schemes for Your Home

As the weather starts to change it’s time to start thinking about seasonal home maintenance and renovations. The cooler months […]

Brown Exterior House Color Schemes

When it comes to your home’s presentation, color matters. Few other factors impact your home’s exterior as much as choosing the right […]

Darker vs Lighter Roof Shingles

There are a few basic home improvement decisions to make when replacing or adding a roof for your home. First, choose a licensed, […]

Roof Warranties Explained

A new roof is a major investment. High-quality, well-maintained roofs can last for decades and serve an important role in […]

Vertical Siding

The classic look of horizontal siding is a common choice, but vertical siding on a house is another attractive option […]

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