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A History of Thompson Creek Factories


Over the last 38 years, Thompson Creek Window Company has matured from a small corner shop into a regional powerhouse in the home remodeling market. If the employees and valued customers are the characters in our story, then the factory is the stage. Here’s a little timeline of how our factory and methods have changed over our nearly four decades of experience.

Energetic Beginnings

Fred Wuest, the founder of Thompson Creek, got his start as a national sales manager with a company that manufactured weather seals for storm windows. In 1979, the energy crisis was in full swing, and in his travels, Fred discovered that vinyl window frames were far more energy efficient than aluminum. Fred Wuest saw a golden opportunity to go for the American drea. He sold his home, packed up his family and opened the first generation of his window manufacturing factory and storefront on West Street in Annapolis, Maryland. The Wuest family rented the apartment above the factory. Rick, current CEO took his first job as factory floor sweeper. Fred named his storefront “Energy Saver Products”. With two floors, 2 employees and 8,000 square feet the Wuest’s were in business!


A year later, the company rebranded to Mid-Lantic Inc, and bore that name into the 1990's. Fred built the business selling windows to home improvement contractors. As the business grew, the company invested in new technology and new energy efficient methods. We introduced low-E glass was introduced, designed to reduce passive heat gain, and further refined the vinyl welding process, more securely joining the four corners of the vinyl window frames together for a tight seal. Home installation was added to the companies offering. All this innovation grew the business and in 1996 the company moved to Thompson Creek circle on Kent Island to continue expansion.

Thompson Creek Cir.

In 2000, the company had officially moved to its new factory location on Kent Island into a 20,000 square foot facility. At this time the business model shifted from supplying home improvement contractors into a window manufacturer that sold its products directly to homeowners. In 2002 Rick officially purchased the company from his father Fred. The company rebranded once again into new, familiar name we see today Thompson Creek. In 2004 the company added gutters as it’s second home exterior product. With business continuing to expand a larger factory space was needed to meet demand.

Under One Roof

For Thompson Creek’s third factory move, Rick Wuest wanted to bring every Thompson Creek employee under one roof. The company moved to a 70,000 square foot facility in Landover, Maryland. That housed sales, marketing, installation and the factory together in one place. The company also added doors and siding as its third and fourth home exterior product. Thompson Creek maintained healthy growth, requiring expansion warranting another move.

Thompson Creek 4.0

In 2016 Thompson Creek opened its fourth generation window factory in Upper Marlboro, MD into a 117,000 square foot facility, capable of producing 300 windows a day! Roofs were added in 2017 as the company’s fifth home exterior product. Thompson Creek is now capable of supporting a full home exterior package to its valued customers. The current factory location, positioned on the Washington D.C beltway lays the groundwork for Thompson Creek’s expansion efforts into Northern Virginia.

Thompson Creek has had to adapt to change in our 38 years. Where we manufacture our windows may have revolved, but our commitment to design, build and install the best home exterior products in the mid-Atlantic region will never change.