Signs of Poorly Installed Windows

Signs of Poorly Installed Windows

A homeowner can have several different reasons for having their windows replaced. Some may want to improve the energy efficiency of their home, while others may want to enhance their home’s curb appeal. Then there are those who need to replace their windows because of leaks or other kinds of damage.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to replace your windows, proper installation is vital if you want to enjoy all the benefits that new windows have to offer. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the signs of poorly installed windows, so you will hopefully be able to avoid the many costly problems that can be caused by poor window installation.

Gaps Between the Windowsill and Frame

A window should fit perfectly in the space provided. If there are noticeable gaps between the window frame and windowsill, then the window wasn’t sized properly for the space. This can present a wide range of problems that may include anything from air leaks to water leaks. Further, the gap can make for an easy way that insects and other pests can get inside your home.

When replacing older windows, it is essential for the window contractor to take accurate measurements and to take measurements more than once in order to confirm their findings.


Do you feel air coming in through your windows? Do the curtains move despite the ceiling fan and furnace being turned off? Windows are meant to keep the outside air out when they’re closed, so if you can feel air drafts around your windows even with the sash shut, then the window may not have been installed properly. Of course, a draft doesn’t automatically mean that the window is sized incorrectly. In some cases, the contractor may have simply failed to insulate or to caulk the window properly.

Window Is Hard to Open or Shut

Properly installed windows are designed to open and close easily and smoothly. Therefore, windows that are difficult to open or shut is one of the most common signs of poorly installed windows. This problem is most often found with double-hung sash windows, but it can really affect any type of window that can be opened. It is usually caused by a poorly aligned sash, but using the wrong size window can also cause the window to stick.

Cloudiness Between the Panes

A double-pane window has argon gas between the two panes of glass; this gas serves as an insulator. If you have a double-pane window that has a cloudy or foggy appearance, then the seal that contains the gas has most likely been compromised. If the windows are new, then the contractor probably damaged the window during installation, causing the seal to break.

Water Damage

Poor window installation is one of the most common causes for water leaks. Depending on how the water is getting in, you may not notice the problem until the wood around the window starts to rot or to develop mold. Water damage or mold on or around the windowsill is usually one of the first signs that there’s a leak in a window.

Poor Professionalism

Not all signs of poor window installation have to do with the window itself. For example, if your window contractor does not conduct themselves in a professional manner, such as leaving the workspace a mess or not cleaning the window’s panes after installation to remove any adhesives, caulk, or other smudges, then you may want to question the competency of their work. When a professional window installer completes the job, the site and the window should be clean.

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New replacement windows should beautify your home and make it more comfortable. You should see lower utility bills and enjoy greater sound insulation from outdoor noises. And, the windows should be easy to open and shut. This is exactly why choosing a reputable window contractor is so crucial.

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