Preparing Your Home for Fall

Preparing Your Home for Fall

As the days start getting cooler, the humidity subsides, and the rumble of school buses can once again be heard, signs that summer is nearing its end seem to abound. This means that before you know it, old man winter will be rearing his head. With that in mind, is your home ready to handle the cold, wet weather the season’s changes are going to bring?

10 Must-Dos to Prepare Your Home for Fall

If you live in a four-season climate, then now is the time to prepare your home for fall and winter. Here are ten must-do projects you’ll want to start tackling over the coming weekends before summer is over.

Have Your Furnace Inspected

Since it’s been a few months since you last used your furnace, now is a good time to check your furnace to make sure it kicks on when it’s called upon. If you didn’t have your HVAC system inspected at the start of summer, then you’ll want to have this done now because whether you’re running your AC in the summer or the heat in the winter, your system doesn’t get much of a break.

Best to learn about any potential problems early on, so you can prevent them from happening when temperatures are at their coldest (and HVAC technicians are at their busiest).

Seal Any Air Drafts

Check the windows and doors of your home for any drafts, and seal up any gaps in caulk or insulation. Also, check for drafts around plumbing pipes and in your HVAC ductwork. Taking the time to find and seal drafts will make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient this winter.

Store or Cover Window AC Units

If you have window air conditioning units, then give them a thorough cleaning and then either cover them properly or remove and store them for the winter.

Clean the Fireplace and Chimney

Clean away any ash and charred wood from your chimney and get it ready for the upcoming season. You’ll also want to hire a professional chimney sweeping company to clean the chimney, and check the damper to ensure it is operating properly.

Clean and Insulate the Water Heater

The changing of the seasons is a good time to drain the water heater tank, so you can clear away any built-up debris that might have settled in the tank. Installing water heater insulation over the tank will help reduce radiant heat loss, so your tank won’t have to run as frequently to keep the water heated.

Remove Window Screens and Install Storm Windows

Before the really cold weather comes in, you’ll want to remove the window screens from your windows and replace them with storm windows. This will prevent the screens from being torn, and protect the windows from damage over the winter.

Clean the Gutters

This will be a weekly chore in those parts of the country where the trees shed their leaves through the fall. Start the process early, and make sure you do it often.

Drain Outdoor Faucets and Sprinkler Systems

If you have a sprinkler system or faucets on the outside of your home, then you’ll want to drain them of water to reduce the risk of the pipes freezing and breaking over winter. Remove any hoses from the faucets and store them away.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Even though you don’t have to store your outdoor furniture just yet, cleaning them in the fall will help you prepare for when it is time to put them away, so you’ll have one less job to do later on.

Do a Home Safety Check

Getting your home ready for fall means more than just tackling a few seasonal tasks. This is also a great time to do a home safety check to ensure all your safety equipment is working properly. Replace the batteries in your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Make an emergency preparedness kit, so you’re ready in the event of a power loss or other problem. And, have an emergency escape plan, so everyone knows what to do and where to go should something happen.

Home Renovations Before Winter Begins

If your home needs new windows, doors, or a new roof, then it’s best to have them installed before the weather gets too cold, so that you can begin to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible. At Thompson Creek, we custom-design, build, and install windows, doors, roofs, and more. We handle it all, so you get the highest quality materials at the best possible price.

Don’t wait to prepare your home for fall and winter, because by then, it might be too late. Get your new windows, doors, or roof installed before winter rolls in. To learn more, contact Thompson Creek today and get a free estimate for your new installation .