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Thompson Creek's Guide On Preventive Rain Damage


Rainfall is a Force of Nature 

Water is one of the four ancient elements on this Earth. Water is an essential component of life, and it can also be incredibly destructive in the form of heavy rainfall. Are your gutters and roof up to the task of shielding your home from this element?

According to the American Insurance Association, “Water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners insurance claims”. ( Your homeowner’s insurance most likely does not cover the inevitable wear and tear of age. Homeowners insurance typically only covers “Acts of God”: storm damage, fallen trees, lightning, and hail, just to name a few. Your 20-year-old asphalt roof will not fall into this category. And that's why over 90% of water damage to your home can be prevented with regular maintenance, repair, and replacement (

Our local climate of hot, humid, summers and freezing winters create a regular pattern of expansion and contraction of your roof, which can create the perfect conditions for leaks. As a homeowner, you should take a moment to review your roof’s condition in the Spring and Autumn seasons. Here are a few things to look for: are there shingles missing? Do the shingles buckle or curl? Is there shingle particulate that collects in your gutters? These are all symptoms of an aged roof. As an attentive homeowner, you can catch a roof leak before it leads to wood rot and even black mold! You know what they say “A stitch in time saves nine” ... but instead of stitches, we’re talking about your hard-earned money!

Three Cheers For Gutters

Gutters are the unsung heroes of your home for precipitation protection and are often unfairly overlooked in home renovations. Properly functioning gutters protect your home's foundation, preventing long-term and devastating water damage to your home.

A faulty gutter creates puddles that over time absorb into your home's foundation. Your foundation can shift, even crack or break from soil erosion created by aged and faulty gutters.

As a homeowner, it’s important that you examine your gutters. Do your gutters sag or pull away from your home? Do your gutters appear to build up rust? Are there any visible gaps, cracks or fractures in your gutters? During a rainstorm do you experience heavy overflow? Do your gutters collect tree debris and leaves in the spring and fall? This may be a sign that your gutters are improperly installed or even poorly designed for your home. The Thompson Creek gutter protection system can solve these problems.

If you even have any of these issues with your roof or gutters, you'll be costing yourself money in the long term. Contact us today at (301)-960-5786 for a free inspection, and quote for a new roof or gutter protection system.