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Watch a Replacement Roof Transform a Home

Thompson Creek roof replacement walkthrough

Your roof is underappreciated. It's true! Most of us just expect our roofs to sit pretty and keep the rain and snow out, but that's only part of the story. A well-constructed roof directly contributes to the indoor air quality of your home. A good replacement roof will reduce heat gain and loss, while preventing mold growth by cycling air through the house, allowing it to "breathe".

But all homes age. A failing roof, on the other hand, is cause for concern. There are signs of roof damage that homeowners should look for when assessing their home for damage after a storm. These are things like curling shingles or shingle granules in the gutter. As the roof ages, a roof valley can be an indicator that it is time to replace the roof.

Vin Gerrior, Director of Sales at Thompson Creek Window Company is an expert on home improvement. According to Vin, there are three things to look for when replacing a roof:

  1. Company. Thompson Creek Window Company has a strong partnership with GAF that allows us to offer the best products to our customers. GAF is North America’s largest roofing manufacturer.
  2. Installation. Our certified installers complete a home renovation project that lasts.
  3. Products. The Thompson Creek Window Company Warranty guarantees that we use outstanding products

Thompson Creek replacement roof demo

Thompson Creek customers, Rock and Jackie G live in Grasonville, Maryland. They recently purchased a replacement roof in the hope of easing the worries of their aging roof. It wasn’t too long ago that Rock and Jackie G. feared the rain and what it might do to their home because of their aging roof. They got three estimates and chose Thompson Creek for the designer products. They had used Thompson Creek previously for remodeling projects. When they think of Thompson Creek, they think of quality and service. Now they have peace of mind at home.

Thompson Creek roofing installation

The biggest worry for Rock about the installation was the discarded materials. He wanted to know what would happen since they couldn’t fit the dumpster nearby. Instead, Thompson Creek used tarps and assembled a collection plan to tackle the job. The cleanup was thorough and satisfied the homeowners. They no longer have to worry about a roof leak.

Thompson Creek roof replacement work

After the job, Rock drove up and down the road to look at it. They shared that the neighbors all comment how beautiful the roof is, too.

Thompson Creek roof replacement - project complete