What is a chimney cricket?

What is a chimney cricket?

Although it may sound like something you need an exterminator for, a chimney cricket is actually a useful tool to protect your chimney and roof from water buildup and other types of weather damage.  

A common issue with chimneys, especially in the snowy and rainy season, is that liquid can build up in the area where your chimney meets your roof, which results in decaying and sinking of your roof’s structure. If water is pooled up for an extended amount of time, it can also penetrate under your shingles and cause leaks in your home. It is essential to redirect this water buildup to fall down the slope of your roof and into the surrounding gutter system. This is where a cricket comes in handy.  

Defining a chimney cricket  

Also called a chimney saddle, a chimney or roof cricket is a structure that is added to your roof with the intention to direct water away from the area around your chimney. The cricket’s structure contains two valleys that direct water like a waterslide and guides it down your roof’s slope around the sides of the chimney. Crickets can also be customized to be installed on any type of chimney structure anywhere where water buildup is an issue. They are also lined with shingles after installation to match your roof’s aesthetic and blend in.  

How much does it cost? 

The cost of a chimney cricket varies greatly depending on the materials of your roof, the design of your roof and chimney, and who is doing your installation. If your roof is abnormally steep, your chimney is very wide, or if you choose to use more expensive materials, you could be spending as much as $5,500. 

Is it necessary? 

In a nutshell, yes. A chimney cricket is a great investment to make in your roof structure, and will undoubtedly prolong the life of both your roof and your chimney. There is nothing more stressful and costly than dealing with roof leaks and other structural issues. Chimneys are notorious as a source for roofing leaks. This type of flashing effectively prevents water buildup, which is the number one culprit for roof damage.  

It is arguably most important to have a durable, high quality roof in place before considering a chimney or roof cricket addition. Thompson Creek’s roofs are installed with precision by experts who will ensure the job is done right. Trust our experts to start you off with the best, most reliable roof possible, and visit our website to discover why Thompson Creek’s roofs are superior.