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Premier Home Improvement Products in Dale City, VA

Located 23 miles southwest of our nation’s capital, Dale City, VA is home to many Washington, DC commuters. With a population of more than 65,000 this large annex of Woodbridge consists of many distinct neighborhoods, all of which end in “dale”. The suburban feel of Dale City has led to a mixture of unique housing types within the welcoming neighborhoods.

Headquartered in Lanham, MD, Thompson Creek Window Company® knows the DC area well, including Dale City. Homeowners have trusted us for more than 30 years to provide excellent replacement windows and doors that increase the value, comfort, and look of their homes.

Replacement Windows in Dale City, VA

Northern Virginia weather is vastly unpredictable, but whether you’re shoveling your front walk, or sunbathing in your back yard, you’ll want to be comfortable when you’re back inside your home. That’s why Thompson Creek® replacement windows are designed to absorb cold air when the temperature’s low, and hot air when the temperature is high.

Thompson Creek replacement windows are also custom built to withstand winds of up to 153 miles per hour and exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR® standards, so you’ll keep your utility bills low, and stay comfortable in your Dale City home.

We custom design and build all of our replacement windows in our Maryland workshop using American-made materials. Our factory experts use your home’s exact specifications when crafting your windows, so installation is always pain-free. Choose from a wide variety of window styles and options that can accommodate any home design or aesthetic preference.

Door Replacement in Dale City, VA

Just like our replacement windows, Thompson Creek® replacement doors are custom designed and built in our Maryland workshop with your home’s exact dimensions in mind. We offer some of the most durable and most efficient doors on the market, ensuring that you’re comfortable in your Dale City home.

Thompson Creek® replacement doors exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR® criteria and are built using top-of-the-line, American-made materials. Our extensive variety of door options allows Dale City homeowners to choose colors, patterns, panels, and styles that fit with their home. Plus, steel entry door replacement provides a 125% return on the cost if you’re considering selling your home in the future.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ever since we opened our doors in the 1980s, Thompson Creek Window Company® has been committed to providing homeowners with exceptional products and fantastically reliable service. That’s why we offer a transferable double lifetime guarantee on all of our replacement windows and doors.

When it’s time to start your next home improvement project in Dale City, trust Thompson Creek® for your window and door needs. Give us a call to learn more about what makes our products exceptional, and request a free, no-obligation quote.