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If you seek expert roofing services in Cary, NC, the best decision you can make is to work with Thompson Creek. We are the region’s premier roofing contractor. During our four-plus decades in business, we have developed the skills and know-how you expect from a proven remodeling specialist.

We are entirely committed to satisfying all of our customers. We take every possible precaution and perform every task carefully to ensure our work exceeds your expectations. We charge affordable rates, arrive on time, and complete your project by the stated date.

We are a respected organization around the greater Raleigh-Durham region. This is due to our expert workmanship, helpful service, and successful outcomes. Our terrific reputation is bolstered even further by the rave reviews our customers leave us.

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Because the roof is the sole barrier between you and falling rain, snow, and hail, it is among the most essential portions of your home. It is therefore of tremendous importance that you keep it in good condition. That is why Thompson Creek’s expert services matter so much.

Whether you need a post-storm roof inspection, an annual examination of its condition, or repairs to your roof structure, shingles, or roof membrane, we can help. We can even provide a full roof replacement when your current roof has reached the end of its lifespan.

Choose us for the finest, friendliest service, exceptional handiwork, and competitive pricing.

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Expert Roofing In Cary, NC

Why Choose Thompson Creek In Raleigh-Durham

We Are Known For Our Expert Installations,
Friendly Service And Terrific Results

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

We commenced business operations more than 40 years ago. Because of our decades of experience, we don’t make the mistakes that less proven contractors still make. This means our clients don’t face unexpected cost hikes, project delays, or other unpleasant surprises. We make sure everything runs smoothly, and nothing upsets your plans.

We Are Focused On Your Satisfaction

Many contracting companies are primarily interested in maximizing their profits. Thompson Creek is not like that. Our sole focus is satisfying our clients and polishing our reputation. That way, we ensure you are happy, and you recommend us to all your friends and family members. That way, we enjoy long-term success.

And so do you.

Low Costs

Because we have so much expertise and experience, we have managed to streamline operations so that we complete projects in the most efficient manner. That way, we save you money on labor costs. Because we are in and out quickly, we also minimize the amount of disruption your household faces during roofing, siding, or window installation.

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Expert Roofing Service In Cary, NC

Reviews From Thompson Creek Customers

What People Around Cary, NC Say About Us

“Excellent install, great, friendly, and professional staff. The window and sliding door look amazing and are of great quality. I will be using Thompson Creek again and highly recommend their services.”

– Damia M.

“Your staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They did a good job of cleaning up, and they did a quality job.”

– Vodrey H.

“I am so happy with their products and job that I am using them again to install my gorgeous windows .”

– Doris N.

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Questions Our Cary, NC Customers Often
Ask About Thompson Creek

Q: How Long Will My Roofing Project Take?

A: The projects we undertake vary in terms of length and complexity. Most jobs can be completed in under a couple of days, while some can be finished in only an afternoon. Once we have discussed your expectations and time constraints, we can provide an accurate estimate of how long it will take to complete your project.

Q: What Services Does Thompson Creek Offer?

A: We offer a wide selection of exterior renovation services. These include roof repairs, roof inspections, and roof replacement, as well as siding and seamless gutter installation and repair. We are well known for our window and door replacements, and we offer bath and shower remodeling services, too.

Q: What Do Thompson Creek Services Cost?

A: Every project varies in price. We are neither the most expensive option nor the least. What we provide is unmatched value for your remodeling dollar. You receive exceptional service, the highest quality products, and a fantastic warranty to ensure we stand behind our work. After the consultation with you, we will provide a fair, final price estimate. ​

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