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When you choose Thompson Creek’s gutters in Durham, NC, weekends of cleaning your gutters and worrying about clogged gutter systems will be over. You can finally spend that time doing exactly what you want – or nothing at all. Our team is experienced, and our gutters are dependable, so you can relax knowing that they won’t fail.

Protective Roof Gutters
In Durham, NC


Getting gutters from Thompson Creek Window Company means that you’ll be getting a durable, dependable, seamless gutter system that won’t leak, clog, bend, or fail. Your home is protected from water, grime, and wind by our unique gutter hoods that are built to prevent your gutters from clogging.

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How We Serve Raleigh-Durham

How It Begins

Enjoying the freedom of a new gutter system starts with your free consultation when we will measure your home and find out what your preferences are. This is when you get to choose styles, colors, etc., and we explain the process to you.

More About Our Process

We’ve Got The Experience

The Thompson Creek team has spent the last forty years learning all we can about gutters and gutters systems, as well as what customers prefer. We’ve applied that knowledge to the improvement and protection of our customers’ homes. Our reputation across the Mid-Atlantic shows the results of this pursuit.

Over Four Decades Of Service

And We Give Back To Others

The fact that we have thrived for over forty years shows that we have a wonderfully supportive community – and we like to return the favor. We do so by reaching out and using our knowledge, time, and experience to help those in the community who are in need.

Ways We Give Back

Red Rain Gutter Sample For Homes In Durham, NC for Thompson Creek

Reviews For Thompson Creek Window Company

What Customers Have To Say About Our Work

We chose Thompson Creek to install our new windows. We wanted very good quality but also were on a budget. Their factory representative, Erin, showed up promptly for our appointment. She took much time and care to work with us to design each window so that they would look good and save us money where possible by suggesting numerous options that would work with us. We are very pleased with the process so far and look forward to our installation.

-Susan F.

– –

“I am impressed with Erin. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when she gave us the presentation. She explained the company, products, and what they could offer us. The pace of the presentation was good. She valued our time. We were excited to sign a contract and look forward to our new windows, trim, and gutters.

-Beth T.

– –

Thompson Creek’s team did a great job installing our gutters. They were timely (as the scheduled time was pre-arranged), professional, and more than willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I am pleased with the decision to choose Thompson Creek to do the job. I highly recommend this company.

-Michele B.

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Questions Asked By Homeowners
In The Durham, NC Area

Q: How Will My Gutters Cost, And How
Long Will It Take To Install Gutters?

A: We can explain pricing and decide on a timeline at your initial consultation.

Q: Can I Finance My Gutters?

A: Yes, you can. In fact, Thompson Creek offers flexible financing plans for those who are seeking guttering jobs in the Durham, NC, area. It just takes a few minutes to apply.

Q: Where Do You Do Gutter Installations?

A: Thompson Creek does gutter installations and exterior home remodeling for Durham, NC, and all across the Mid-Atlantic, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia counties.

For a more detailed list, please visit our Service Areas page.

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