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When you are in the market for expert roofing services in Durham, NC, select Thompson Creek as your roofing contractor. During our 40-plus years of operation, we have acquired the experience and expertise you need from a remodeling specialist.

We are 100% focused on your satisfaction. We dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘T’ to ensure you are happy with our work. Our rates are fair, our employees are friendly and helpful, and we stand by our work with extensive warranties.

We are well-known around the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area for our expert handiwork, friendly service, and successful results. Our reputation is untarnished, and our customers award us impressive reviews. We are proud of our reputation and our many successful outcomes throughout the region.

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The roof is one of your house’s most important parts. It is really the only thing standing between you and the elements, so it is essential that you maintain it properly and replace it when needed. Thompson Creek can provide annual roof inspections, roof repair, or full roof replacement.

We help you avoid damage due to leaks, mold or pest infestations, and uncomfortably high indoor humidity.

Whether you only require minor repairs to a shingle or two or the replacement of an aged roof, we can help. We source only the highest-quality materials from the most reputable brands. Our installers are friendly, helpful, and experienced.

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Expert Roofing In Durham, NC

Why Hire Thompson Creek In Raleigh-Durham

We Provide Customers Pro Installation, Helpful
Service, And Exceptional Results

Low Costs Without Household Disruption

Our many decades of experience and our focus on hiring only the best workers let us streamline our operations and limit the amount of time our installations take. This saves you money on labor costs and limits the amount of disruption you experience to your family’s daily routine.

Take Advantage Of Our Expertise

We have been in business for more than 40 years. This means we no longer make rookie mistakes or get surprised by unexpected situations. Because of this, you won’t face sudden cost increases or time delays in project completion. Our expertise keeps things even-keeled, settled, and operating smoothly.

We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction

You may have discovered that some businesses are only interested in maximizing their profits. Unlike them, we are primarily focused on our customers’ satisfaction and our company’s reputation among the community. Because of that, you enjoy the finest service—and warranty support once the project is complete.

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Client Reviews of Thompson Creek Exterior Services

What Our Durham, NC Clients Say About Us

“I am so happy with their products and job that I am using them again to install my gorgeous windows .”

– Doris N.

“Excellent install, great, friendly, and professional staff. The window and sliding door look amazing and are of great quality. I will be using Thompson Creek again and highly recommend their services.”

– Damia M.

“Your staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. They did a good job of cleaning up, and they did a quality job.”

– Vodrey H.

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Questions Durham, NC Homeowners
Often Ask About Thompson Creek

Q: What Do Thompson Creek Services Cost?

A: Every project is different. The cost depends on what you have done, what the service is, how large your house is, and the scope of the job. Once we consult with you about your needs and budget, we can reach an agreement about the project and predict how much the job will cost.

Q: How Long Will My Project Take?

A: As we discussed above about pricing, projects vary based on the size and scope. This is true of the time required to complete it. Once everyone knows what the project entails, we can provide an accurate date of completion and let you know what to expect during the project.

Q: What Services Do You Provide?

A: We commenced operations as a window manufacturer and installer. Today, we are also well-known for our entry door replacement, roofing and siding installation, and seamless gutters. This makes us one of the area’s most comprehensive remodeling contractors.

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