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The entry door of your Fuquay Varina, NC home is likely the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your doorstep. Therefore, it must be kept in good condition so you can make a great first impression. If maintenance no longer works, door replacement may be the answer.

Entry doors are essential to the security of your home, and they are responsible for a surprising amount of the home’s heat loss and gain. Thus, door replacement may be crucial to curb appeal, heating and cooling costs, indoor temperature and comfort, and the safety of your family.

Thompson Creek doors are sturdy, durable, long-lasting, and attractive. We offer many types and materials to match various homes and tastes. Contact us to see our doors and learn their benefits.

Expert Fuquay-Varina, NC Entry Door Service

High-Quality Entry Doors Around Raleigh-Durham

Our entry door replacements are exceptionally sturdy and fit almost seamlessly within the door frame. Therefore, they look great, offer enormous security against intruders, and do not allow air to leak in or out of the home. You enjoy enhanced safety, draft reduction, and lower heating and cooling bills. Our doors also look great!

We install numerous types to meet almost any need. Options include steel, fiberglass, and sliding glass doors.

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How We Please Fuquay-Varina, NC Clients

We Ask About Expectations, Needs, & Budget
To Provide You The Most Satisfaction

#1: We Take The Consultation Seriously

We consult with you when developing an estimate. During that process, we spend a lot of time learning about your expectations, requirements, and budget. That way, we can tailor our services to best provide you satisfaction. Communication is key, and we involve you in every step of the process.

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#2: We Offer The Highest-Quality Products

Although communication is important, it is imperative that our products meet the highest industry standards. For instance, our entry doors are among the region’s finest in terms of quality, durability, and security. You won’t need to replace or worry about it, and it will provide trouble-free service for many decades.

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#3: Our Installers Are Top-Notch

The installers are often the last of our representatives you will encounter during a project, so it is important that they leave you with a great, lasting impression. Also, because they interact closely with customers at their homes, we hire only the most skilled and passionate individuals.

Next, we teach them our meticulous methods and train them to provide impeccable service and results. They arrive on time, perform with exceptional quality, and tidy up the premises before leaving at the project’s end.

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#4: We Offer No-Hassle Warranties

We offer warranties on all of our products to ensure that you remain satisfied with our work for decades. Our doors, windows, siding, and roofing are all guaranteed for 50 years. The warranty covers workmanship, labor, and parts.

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What Customers Say About Thompson Creek
Entry Door Installation Services

Why We Are So Well-Respected

“The workers did a great job and took the time at the very end to straighten out a small problem for me.”

– Diana L.

“Overall, the service was excellent. Very good communication throughout the process.”

– James E.

“Excellent service. Impeccable!”

– Lubia G.

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What Fuquay-Varina, NC Customers
Ask About Our Company

Q: How Long Does A Project Take?

A: Every project is different. Some can be completed in an afternoon, while others may take weeks or a month. It depends on what type of project it is, what the weather is like, and whether there are delays in the delivery of supplies.

However, barring unexpected delays due to inclement weather or product shortages, we can normally provide an accurate estimate of time after we consult with you. We identify what you need, how extensive the project is, and if we’ve had trouble with relevant suppliers in the past. Then we can tell you what to expect.

Q: Can You Break A Project Into Multiple Quotes?

A: Yes. We are happy to break our price estimate into different quotes. For instance, we can separate the price of an entry door from the price of roofing, or the price of siding from the cost of window replacement. This lets you complete the most imperative items immediately and hold off on those that can wait.

Q: Do You Offer Warranties On Your Doors?

A: Yes. All of our doors—in fact, all of our products—are warrantied for 50 years. Our guarantee covers parts, labor, and manufacture. 50 years is among the longest warranty periods in the industry, and we are proud that we are able to stand by our work for so long.

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