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What words would describe the doors of your Virginia Beach, VA, home? If you are using words like “dull,” “lifeless,” “security nightmare,” “an HOA fine waiting,” or “blah,” then it is time to consider replacing these.

Remember, home doors are not meant to last forever, as they will age, become inefficient, look horrible, and may even become a safety risk. The best action when your door is not eliciting feelings of happiness is to replace it.

For those in the Hampton Roads area, Thompson Creek Window Company has custom doors that will allow you to avoid those HOA fines and feel satisfied when you look at your entryway.

Our doors are meant to meet the needs of every homeowner in the area since there are so many options available.

Our Virginia Beach, VA, Door Options

Show Your Personality With Custom Doors

Custom doors are the name of the game here at Thompson Creek Window Company, as we pride ourselves on having the options to fit your home. Whether you want a simple entry door or a door that has tons of frills, we are ready to deliver.

Front & Entry Doors

If your entry door is less than stellar, why settle for it? We offer numerous fiberglass and steel door options. You can make something uniquely you with various color options, adding sidelights or other design choices.

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Storm Doors

Did you know storm doors can help protect your entry door and make your home safer? Our storm doors are made with aluminum and are 20% thicker than the competition, while still looking fabulous.

Learn more about our storm doors

Patio Doors

It is time for an upgrade if you use a stick to close your patio door. We offer several patio door options that will be secure and beautiful for your home.

Learn more about our patio doors

French Doors

Consider our French doors if you want to add some elegance to your home. We offer several options to make the door unique to your taste and to meet your design idea.

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Why Choose Us For Your Doors?

One Word: Custom-Made

The one aspect that has people recommending us to others is how we customize our doors for every home. No two people have the same design ideas, so it makes sense to be given options for your doors.

Our Experience

We have been in the business of custom doors for over four decades. In that time, we have perfected the quote and installation process. You can rest easy knowing you are in highly capable hands.

Amazing Customer Service

We wouldn’t have gotten as far as we have without fantastic customer service. Customers come first, so we are here with the answers if you have any questions.

Keeping Up With Technology

Energy efficiency is a considerable concern for almost everyone these days. That is why we always keep up with the latest technology and innovation for doors to offer the best solutions.

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See What People Are Saying About Our Doors

We Love Hearing From Our Satisfied Customers

Received new French doors, and the employees were personable, knowledgeable, and professional. They made sure to clean up when they left. Thompson Creek is always helpful, professional, and thorough with good communication. So far, the doors are far superior to what was here before. I will use them again.

– Hillard H.

Thompson Creek is a class act. I’ve used them previously to install new windows in my home, so when I found out they also install front doors, I didn’t look any further. I love my new door. The staff at Thompson Creek are true professionals and wonderful partners.

– Jacqueline K.

Thompson Creek is great to work with. I had previously used them for new windows and decided to come back for my storm door. Both times the process was easy and painless. Everyone that I interacted with was very professional and courteous. I would use them again, as I am very satisfied with their product.

– Darlene

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FAQ About Our Doors

How Great Is Your Door Warranty?

It is fantastic! We offer a 50-year, transferable warranty, covering the door, installation, and workmanship.

Do You Recommend Homeowners Opt For Storm Doors?

That is completely up to you. However, storm doors can add a layer of security and protect your entry door even more.

What Are The Signs That My Door Needs To Be Replaced?

Several signs may point to your door needing to be replaced. Some signs may include the following:

  • Doors not opening or shutting properly
  • Faded or peeling doors
  • Broken locks on doors
  • Busted glass in doors

What Actions Could Void A Door Warranty?

If you were to get anyone other than us to work on the door or change it in any way, that would void the warranty. In addition, if you were to make any changes cosmetically to the door, such as painting it, that could void the warranty.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Door?

We will replace a door within one day. That is why we arrange your appointment early in the day so we can have ample time to replace the door and clean up the mess.

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