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At Thompson Creek Window Company, we understand that you have choices to make when it comes to your replacement home improvement needs. We pride ourselves on offering a higher quality product and superior experience, from design to installation and service. We work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied from the beginning of a project to the very end. Read through Thompson Creek ratings & reviews to discover why homeowners continue to choose Thompson Creek.

We’d like to thank all our customers who have provided us with valuable feedback within their reviews. Having satisfied customers is what drives us to provide quality home improvement products & services each and every year.

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Peace of Mind

So that’s what you get with Thompson Creek, a local company. If you have a problem with Thompson
Creek in any stage, or a question, pick up the phone, you’re talking to somebody who’s just down
the street, and that is a peace of mind that makes Thompson Creek special.

Extremely Dependable

Our realtor referred us to many window companies in the area, but we really liked Thompson Creek
because it is a local company, all windows are custom-made for each house, and they employed
folks from the area.



Our realtor referred us to many window companies in the area, but we really liked Thompson Creek
because it is a local company, all windows are custom-made for each house, and they employed
folks from the area.

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We had Erin out to give us an estimate on gutters for our home, and not only did she get us priced out exactly, but she also helped us evaluate our needs and options in a more systematic way than we had done ourselves. We fully expected to just be getting a quote, but her genuine ear for our concerns and lack of pushiness paid off, intentionally or otherwise, because by the end of her presentation and conversation with us we felt comfortable enough with the product and their services to make arrangements for installation. Erin's warmth, knowledge, and professionalism are an asset to the company and have us looking forward to continuing the work with Thompson more
Sharanya T
00:17 23 Nov 23
I needed two windows replaced. Thompson Creek’s factory representative, Stephanie, came out to my property. She arrived promptly at the scheduled time and took her time to describe the product and all the details entailed with installation and the process. She understood I was on a budget and advised me of all my options. She was incredibly friendly and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to my new windows. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of new more
Patricia Ramirez
22:15 15 Nov 23
From the initial consultation to installation, Thompson Creek performed an outstanding job. Employees are helpful and professional. We had new gutters installed and window replacement of the entire house and love both! Would definitely recommend this company 🙂read more
Stephanie Gobel
17:23 10 Nov 23
Updated review to commend Gary for doing a superb job! He prides himself on doing a professional job; he arrived 30 minutes earlier than expected and completed the job alone within 1.5 to 2 hours. I am 100% satisfied with the installation of my entry way door. I saved at least $50 dollars on my last month energy bill. Thanks Gary! Theresa, thank you for your excellent customer service by smoothly coordinating the job from start to finish. You all are the best! I decided to do business with this company upon the completion of Guy's presentation. He was very professional and knowledgeable in the details of the workmanship within the exterior door I needed to replace and one that will save on my energy bill. Guy thank you for your superb customer service! Thank you for working out the pricing and working out a reasonable payment plan. Now I understand why custom-made doors are expensive. Thank you for your excellent presentation and customer service and for not being the typical sales representative to pressure the more
Charlotte M
05:02 08 Nov 23
We chose Thompson Creek to install our new windows. We wanted very good quality but also were on a budget. Their factory representative, Erin, showed up promptly for our appointment. She took much time and care to work with us to design each window so that not only would they look good but would save us money where possible by suggesting numerous options that would work with us. We are very pleased with the process so far and look forward to our more
Susan Farley
13:14 06 Nov 23
If the installation is anything like the purchase process, we will continue to be happy with Thompson Creek Window company and their sales rep, Stephanie Poteet. We had been getting estimates and knew what we wanted for our new entry door. Not only was the price equivalent to other estimates we’d received, but the company background, warranty, and after-installation care, if needed, was exactly what we hoped for. We’ve been disappointed with other window companies in the past. My husband and I were in such agreement that we signed the contract during the initial sales visit. Thanks, Stephanie!read more
Kathleen Schulz
00:46 29 Oct 23
My experience with Thompson Creek Window Company was immaculate! Installers Mike and Frankie were on time, efficient, polite, and professional! A 1 hour job done in one hour!Oh, did I mention James? He arrived after the installation was done, checked on me, and asked if everything was to my satisfaction. I appreciate this. I see why Thompson Creek Window Company stands out from the crowd.Thank you so much!Ms. Ricksread more
Jacquelyn Ricks
14:12 17 Oct 23
Replaced two large windows with Thompson Creek and had a very pleasant experience with the entire team. From Niel the sales rep, down to the project manager Artem and Brian's installation crew were all more
18:54 02 Oct 23
Met with Neil Waranch this evening for estimates on replacing 2 exterior doors for my home. His thorough product knowledge, along with his easy polite manner, facilitated in patiently answering my many questions. After finally selecting the materials, hardware, color, and style of doors that I was considering, I was shown how they would look on my home with an app on his tablet. Was also shown several samples and a short video of how they were manufactured. The high quality of the doors, their attractive looks and features, along with the warranty on materials and installation was a strong selling point for me. Neil's no hard sell approach was refreshing and welcome as well. I was given a fair price. Quality isn't cheap. You get what you pay for. Looking forward to seeing these "first class" doors installed on my home in the more
Tim Fearington
01:17 29 Sep 23
Guy from Thompson Creek Window Company came out to look at my front door. He did a great job going over my options and help me pick out a new front door. He was kind, patient and knowledgeable about the company products. I’m looking forward to getting a new front door that is safe, energy efficient, and more
laura shedd
23:42 27 Sep 23
Erin was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She answered all of my questions and even dealt with my cat sitting on her case! I was impressed with the window, gutter, and sliding door demo kits she brought and ultimately sold me on! The price for the quality you’re getting is really good and I definitely give them 5 stars!read more
Keri Marie
21:41 26 Sep 23
I decided to do business with this company upon the completion of Guy's presentation. He was very professional and very detail oriented in the workmanship of the exterior door I need to have replace and one that will save on my energy bill. Guy thank you for your superb customer service! Thank you for working out the pricing and working out a reasonable payment plan. Now I understand why custom-made doors are expensive! Again, thank you. for your excellent presentation and customer service and for not being the typical sales representative to pressure the more
Charlotte M
11:48 22 Sep 23
Thompson Creek sent a representative, Erin, to give us a free quote on replacing our gutters the same day that I requested more information on their product. Erin explained their gutters well and gave a great comparison to other companies. The companies policy is that all customers receive any and all deals they are running even if the customer did not know about it. We were very impressed with all Thompson Creek more
Alyssa Swetish
12:09 17 Sep 23
We had an amazing experience because Thompson Creek Window Co. is simply the BEST at what they do from windows to providing their customers with the best service and the best results.We LOVE our new patio doors!!The installation Team not only did a wonderful job but were friendly and did a good job at keeping the workspace clean. The project manager was also onsite and available to assist and provide answers. Thank you all for a beautiful more
Ann Parrish
11:50 30 Aug 23
We were in the process of gathering quotes to replace all of our windows and had the pleasure of working with Erin to get our quote. She was incredibly knowledgeable with the product and made my wife and I feel at ease during the entire process. She even gave us some pointers on how best to deal with our small picture windows. The proposal process was smooth, efficient and Erin was attentive to our wants and needs. At the end of our appointment we committed to Thompson Creek to replace our windows and are excited for them to begin more
Jeff Hathaway
12:03 24 Aug 23
I had Thompson Creek come out to give me an estimate on 8 window replacement based on flyer I received & research I did. Sooo glad they were in my top 3. Erin came out the next week with a great presentation & example of windows. She is very knowledgeable of the company, products & installation process...answered all my questions & had several options regarding financing along with discounts available to me. They came within my price range & love that they manufacture & install their own windows, I've decided to choose them for the job!read more
17:13 22 Aug 23
Stephanie was very sweet. She listened to what our concerns were and shared the options available. Stephanie was not pushy at all and gave us time to make a decision. The windows shown are high quality and we are excited to have them installedread more
00:20 19 Aug 23
I decided to do business with this company upon completion of Guy's presentation. He was very professional and very detail oriented in the workmanship of the exterior door I need to have replace and one that will save on my energy bill. Guy thank you for your superb customer service! Thank you for working out the pricing and working out a reasonable payment plan. Now I understand why custom-made doors are expensive! Again, thank you for your excellent presentation and customer service and for not being the typical sales representative to pressure the more
Charlotte M
19:41 11 Aug 23
Met with Neil about front and back door replacement. He was very informative and made the process very simple. I loved the fact that we were able to design every detail of the doors and see what they would look like on the house. Looking forward to seeing the finished more
Daniel Richardson
01:27 10 Aug 23
I am in the process of ordering two windows from Thompson Creek Window Company. The service so far has been awesome. Same day quote, very friendly, knowledgeable, every detailed explained, holding order to make sure the windows have HOA approval. Also, every detail of the order and measurements are to be double checked by another company Rep before windows are made. 50 year warranty! Highly recommend!UPDATE..WINDOWS INSTALLED !! Installers arrived on time and had my windows installed in two hours! Awesome job!read more
20:00 09 Aug 23
I received a flyer in the mailbox and I inquired about their services, received a call within an hour. The next day a consultant name Erin came out and she had great customer service.She was very knowledgeable of the company. She was very knowledgeable of the information and very sincere about our needs and wants. She helped us and now we are getting ready to get the ball rolling on our home improvementread more
Martine Dunton
15:55 03 Aug 23
My daughter just bought an older home that badly needed windows. I called Thomas Creek because everytime I go to my mail box, TV, and newspaper they are always there. Today I called them and Ms. Erin Eissens came right out within hours of my call. She was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable about her product. She was also polite, professional. It's good to have honest people to represent your more
elizabeth moss
19:49 28 Jul 23
I’m really satisfied with my experience. They were friendly and professional from the start. Their customer service were helpful, responsive, polite, and were able to send a representative the following day. Guy Stickley the factory representative, was able to answer all my questions, and get me a good deal on high quality items. They definitely earn their 5 star rating and all my future business!read more
Angel Villarreal
17:17 28 Jul 23
My husband and I met with Erin Eissens today for the purpose of purchasing new windows and a gutter system. She is an amazing associate who exceeded our expectations for service. Additionally, we are delighted with the quality and engineering of their products. I will happily post another review upon our scheduled more
Marci Dries
01:02 18 Jul 23
Stephanie Poteet was very professional and informative on what Thompson Creek offers. She was able to answer any questions we had on our project and ensured we got the most bang for our buck. She went above and beyond for our request. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking at for new windows or more
Kaleigh Parsons
16:53 13 Jul 23
*Update our install is now finished. It was delayed due to rain, but it is now complete and looks great! I didn’t realize that the splash blocks or the flexible extension tube from the rain spout weren’t a part of the system, which would have been nice, but that’s ok. They did say they would come and adjust the length of the spout when I get rain barrels free of charge, so that is great! All together a quick and painless process!I had an appointment for a quote for gutter installation and the professionalism, timeliness, and effort to help us stay within budget was great! The hooded gutter system and the manufacturer to consumer business model is what led to going forward with the installation. We look forward to the installation and final product!read more
Asha Gabaldon
20:46 11 Jul 23
We called Thompson Creek Window Company on a Monday and they scheduled us for a quote the very next day while also apologizing they couldn't get to us the same day. Never even expected a same day, but this was a great start. On Tuesday Erin Eissens came out and she was beyond wonderful to talk with about replacing our windows. She was extremely professional and was also extremely honest about Thompson Creek and even their competition. We were incredibly impressed with what they showed us and how the windows they manufacture are different from their competition. We were given very honest information about what the timeline will be as we move forward with the replacement of our surprisingly large number of windows and we are definitely looking forward to continuing to work with them and enjoying our new more
Ronald Pollard
16:03 27 Jun 23
I am in the process of ordering two windows from Thompson Creek Window Company. The service so far has been awesome. Same day quote, very friendly, knowledgeable, every detailed explained, holding order to make sure the windows have HOA approval. Also, every detail of the order and measurements are to be double checked by another company Rep before windows are made. 50 year warranty! Highly recommend!read more
15:25 18 Jun 23
Initial visit to get quote for exterior door replacement was very friendly and informative. Explanation of work to be performed and product was thorough and all questions answered. I received a quote at end of visit and it was too good to pass up. I prefer to support local family owned businesses when possible and Thompson Creek fits the bill. I look forward to the work being completed and will update the review once more
Tim Began
19:17 16 Jun 23
Stephanie from Thompson Creek Window company was punctual and professional during our visit today. She was very knowledgeable about the windows offered by Thompson Creek. She answered all our questions and eased our apprehension with such a huge investment in our home by showing us the quality of the windows offered by Thompson Creek. She worked very hard to get us the best price for these amazing windows. Thank you very more
Lori Reimer
00:59 06 Jun 23
Wonderful experience start to finish Our consultant Aric thoroughly discussed the best option for replacement of our large high entry window. He was respectful of our time while explaining the details and product. Our lead time 7 weeks and price reasonable. Installation day set at measurement time and installed right on schedule. Miguel and his team arrived and after a quick site survey started to work. Our project manager Artem explained the installation process and answered questions. The installation was done quickly but thoroughly. The crew was respectful of our property and careful with the installation. Would highly recommend and use Thompson Creek more
Deb Mitchell
21:25 20 Apr 23
Brian my project installer and his crew did a wonderful job on my replacement windows. Everyone was friendly, courteous and very professional. Brian always kept me informed on a questions that arose. I could not be happier with the finished product. I will certainly recommend you guys to anyone looking for windows. Artem the project manager checked on the job progress daily. He was also very courteous and professional. I appreciate the attention to detail everyone more
Bob Gardner
17:54 18 Apr 23
Artem came by to show me how to operate the cool functions on the window. Jose crew were on time, early really, and got it done despite some rain. Very happy we did not have to reschedule. Despite the rain, you could not tell they had been in the house when they were done, clean up was that good. Thanks for a positive experience. Saving up to change out remaining windows. Good job by more
Andrew & Lara Jackson
23:04 09 Mar 23
Guy was fabulous. He was professional and very patient in explaining how Thompson Creek products are made and what our choices are. We are very excited about getting new windows. We will definitely be repeat customers. As a matter of fact, Guy was referred to us by a three-time return customer with whom I work. Everything my colleague said about how wonderful Thompson Creek was totally spot on!read more
Bruce Babcock
21:22 21 Jan 23
Neil was amazing. He was very professional and nice. Worked with us on the different products and pricing. Very patient as we changed our minds a few times. He was definitely going above and beyond to ensure we were happy with our choices and ensured we understood what the next steps were. Before he left he made sure we had no questions and left his business card with cell number in case we had any more questions pop up. Would definitely recommend!read more
Kristina Busch
01:39 18 Nov 22
We had a great experience today with Neil from Thompson Creek. He was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He gave great suggestions on different window options. He took the time to understand our needs and what we’re able to commit to on this project. He did not pressure us to make a sale. We learned a lot of great things about the company, products, and how they’re made. At the end of the appointment, we were very satisfied with the proposal and decided to proceed with the project. We really appreciate Neil’s expertise and time he spent with us discussing options. We’re so excited to get our new windows and look forward to future projects with Thompson Creek!read more
Tamara Chalkley
22:30 15 Nov 22
I previously engaged Thompson Creek to give me an estimate on windows for my sunroom addition. Erin came to my home and talked to me and my husband. We were ready to buy but we needed new construction windows and TC only does replacement. The quality of the windows was great. I truly wish we could have installed their windows.I called a year later and asked for Erin again. This time we purchased gutters. If the quality of the actual job is indicative of its Sales Representative, Erin, then I know I won't be more
Patsy Sheppard
22:11 04 Nov 22
We are Thompson Creek repeat customers. Got all our windows and sliding door replaced. We are very impressed with the quality of product and even with a few hiccups in the installation, our project manager, Theresa, really helped throughout the process. We just decided to replace a door by them as well and are excited for the outcome. The sales rep, Guy, was very knowledgeable and personable. Would definitely recommend him for future customers. We will also be coming back for more projects in the future! Thank you, Thompson Creek!!!!read more
Dayna Ruiz
14:57 22 Oct 22
Erin was Fantastic to work with she was very professional and highly knowledgeable in all types of windows! She really gave me so many wonderful options to help update the windows for my Old Home. To keep character of the home while helping me save money and retain heating and cooling! I definitely recommend a free consult before going into the colder months and working with a great locally owned company! By the way their windows are not on a ten month supply timeframe like some other companies I spoke with this week! They manufacture their own making their own supply chain and that id a huge benefit if you are in a hurry!!!! Go ahead and give them a call today!read more
Aimee’ Leonard
23:40 19 Oct 22
Erin came to our home today to discuss options for replacing old bay windows and sliding patio doors.She listened to what we were looking for and helped us decide what would best fit our needs and budget.She is very knowledgeable, professional and answered our questions. She showed us samples while explaining the construction of the door and windows along with demonstrating the working mechanisms.We were very pleased with the pricing and estimated installation dates and signed the contract. Excited to have our new windows and doors installed!!read more
Donna V
21:08 27 Sep 22
On time , polite, thoroughThompson creek came out and presented their windows. We were so impressed with their product we ordered 14 windows for back of the house on August 1st the crew and windows arrived. They were here all day when done the cleaned everything even on the inside. Today we ordered the remaining 7 windows for the front of the house. I highly recommend Thompson Creekread more
John Sheldon
19:13 02 Sep 22
So far my experience working with Guy from Thompson Creek has been an over the top experience. He was the 3rd person to give me an estimate, I always like to get 3 estimates. I was shocked to see he actually brought a sample window with him. The other estimates I received never took the time to show me a sample window, shoot one of them didn’t even show me a picture of what my windows would look like. Guy made suggestions that no other company made, it was an amazing experience. My initial thought process when wanting to purchase window replacements, was like; I just need to put the lowest price windows in, after all a window is just a window, right? I was totally wrong. Today, Guy took his time and explained everything in great detail to me, he was very knowledgeable and confident. That there speaks volume all in itself. Don’t waste time trying to save a dollar people, schedule an appointment with Thompson Creek today. I’m so excited to have finally made a decision and know that I’m going to be getting the best of the best! Thank you Guy, for taking your time and answering all of my questions!read more
Elizabeth Pfeuffer
18:04 26 Aug 22
The rep. Guy was on time, professional, knowledgeable, friendly and kind. He sold me on many aspects of the product. From workmanship, durability, design and appearance. His ability to sell the products goes without saying and he demonstrates his skills more
I met with Neil Warangal today about Thompson Creek windows. I have been receiving their flyers in my mail at least twice a year for the last 3 to 4 years. I never had the ability to even think about getting windows. Now that I can think about replacing windows; I called them immediately. In a past life; I used to sell windows. The construction and the material that Thompson Creek uses impressed me. I was seeking other quotes; but after observing these windows and knowing a lot about windows, the sturdiness, and construction of the windows, I was sold. The 50 year guarantee also sold me. A great company to do business more
frank gagliano
20:08 06 Aug 22
Thompson Creek windows company from Chesapeake did a great job in estimating an affordable price we could manage. Mr. Guy Stickley was very professional and knowledgeable about every detail of these windows. I felt he was very proud to work to work for this company. He explained every detail of the work and materials involved. I felt very comfortable and at ease with the final estimate of my windows. He tried every which way to find me a fair price. I look forward to getting my windows installed by a company that is very more
Elizabeth Ruiz
16:44 01 Aug 22
Brian with Thompson Creek was amazing as far as working with me to get it paid for and the ease of getting the appointments set up and all was superb! The options for door choices and all was superior to most of the local hardware stores and the 50 year warranty that covers the whole gambit really sold me on the higher price scale. You do get what you pay for and for the bang for the buck its definitely worth it! Can't wait to see the new sliding door when it's all done!read more
Ryan Unger
17:59 29 Jul 22
Everyone I have dealt with has been easy to work with, helpful and professional. You get what you pay for and they make excellent replacement windows. Love them!!read more
Cindy Callis
20:25 26 Jul 22
Neil came out the day after I called to set up a consultation. He was very professional and personable. He took measurements and took his time explaining everything to us to figure out our needs. We look forward to our new windows and dealing with this more
Kyleigh Yates
14:09 21 Jul 22
Installation is yet to come for me, but the inspection and presentation were thorough, considerate of my time, and the talk was plain enough for anyone to understand. Neighbor’s experience tells me I can expect a high quality install and a great looking result. I expect no surprises and a real boost to the value of my more
Dennis Sharp
11:54 19 Jul 22
First Erin E. Was on time and very professional! She found us discounts that got the price better than we hoped for. We were referred to Thompson Creek by my wife's co-worker, she was extremely happy with the install and stated "when they were done it was like they were never there".read more
John Q
00:02 30 Jun 22
We are very pleased with the experience we had meeting with the sales rep who came to help us design new custom French doors for our front entry. He was knowledgeable, answered any questions we had, and worked with us to get the best value and design for our replacement doors. We are very excited to see how wonderful our new front entry will look with such a high quality doorway!read more
Carol Ueckert
12:31 07 May 22
They came to my home to provide a quote for installing a sliding door. They were punctual, friendly, and able to answer all my questions. They were also willing to work with me on pricing and I signed a contract that same day. I'm excited to see the final product once installation is more
Bobbi L
01:44 06 May 22
Their representative, Jake, made this one of the most painless experiences we’ve had with respect to home improvement companies. He did his absolute best to accommodate us. He was very professional and knowledgeable of their products. He was completely honest and up-front, something we greatly appreciated. For anyone shopping around, I definitely recommend this company — hands more
23:49 09 Apr 22
Guy S. came to give us a quote to replace a large sliding glass door. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and engaging. The door is sleek and well constructed with an amazing warranty. The timeline to receive the door was also much quicker than another company where we got a quote. Guy discovered that my husband and I were both veterans and he was able to give us an amazing deal! We are very excited about our new slider and are looking forward to the more
Dana Lizak
23:17 30 Mar 22
While this is premature as the door installation is in the future, I must comment on the patience and professionalism of Guy and Neal to arrange for exactly the door my wife and I want. As a home handy man I was impressed with the samples and explanations of the product. My wife loved the ability to see what a wide variety of style choices looked like. We are eager to get started. I promise a further review when our new door is more
Boom Powell
21:43 08 Mar 22
Guy came over to check out our project and answered all of questions! He was very knowledgeable and upfront about costs. He also helped offer different options to best fit our budget. Looking forward to the rest of the experience working with the more
Brissa Medina
02:13 26 Feb 22
Jake McMahon was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! He ensured all our questions were answered and that we had access to all the discounts he could offer us. We’re looking forward to our new windows being installed so we can finally stop heating/cooling the great outdoors instead of our own home. I’ve personally never felt so confident in a contracted home project; their warranty and business model give me so much peace of mind. Highly recommend!read more
Phoebe E.
02:53 22 Feb 22
The professionalism this company offers is the best we've found! We haven't gotten our installation yet but the presentation alone was outstanding. Their communication is top notch. Their prices are midrange but they leave you confident knowing you will get a great product and the process will go smoothly. Erin was very knowledgeable on every question we had. She didn't come across as a pushy salesman like other companies and was passionate about the more
Rebecca Phillips-Ferguson
16:43 05 Feb 22
Guy was very friendly and professional. He gave us multiple options to fit our budget, as we have a baby on the way. We were given a presentation showing us the history of the company, as well as the difference between standard windows and Thompson Creek’s windows. There is an enormous difference in the quality and security of Thompson Creek’s windows. The company’s warranty is also fantastic as windows and service are covered for 50 years. I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for new window or more
Rebecca Nickle
21:27 02 Feb 22
So far, working with Thompson Creek has been very positive. They were one of the few companies who called me back. I just needed one window replaced and they wanted to help. Some places would not come out for 1 window.The people at the scheduling center were polite and helpful. I was able to get an appointment quickly.We had Neil come to our house and go through our options. He was very polite, professional, and informative. There was no rush to by a window and never felt pressured. I was surprised, but they were better priced than some of our other quotes.We actually ordered a few windows with them. I'll update once they are installed. So far, I would recommend more
Nicholas R
14:38 29 Jan 22
After 32 years, our windows and patio doors need replacement and my husband and I had been looking at different companies without much success. Until we found Thompson Creek Window Company! Our sales rep, Guy Stickley, was incredibly informative and patient in his explanation of the products. He, his assistant/trainee, and the company in general showed up on time, were thorough, and really accommodated us into their schedule. Thompson Creek is lucky to have a kind and passionate employee and my husband and I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs new windows and more
Gloria Hermoso
22:42 26 Jan 22
Jake and his team provided an in-depth review of their products. Great presentation. Jake was awesome. Even better product. Worked with us on a fantastic price. Ready for new sliding glass doorsread more
Joseph Ellenbecker
20:45 14 Jan 22
We needed new windows in our home, as the current windows are the original to the home, built in 1994. After getting a quote from another company, we decided to get a consult from T. Creek as well, to compare. I will say there is no comparison to the quality and craftsmanship of T. Creek's windows. And, Neil Waranch who came out and did our consult was professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. He is very knowledgeable about the products in every aspect and was able to answer every question we had, without pause. We like the fact that they make all of their windows; they do not contract out. Although their windows are very pricey (be prepared!), I guess in comparison to the other company and their lack of quality, as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." So, in the grand scheme of things, they'll be worth the price. We are looking forward to our windows being installed in the next couple of months. Thank you Neil and T. Creek!read more
Allison VanPeeen
13:52 14 Jan 22
The Sales Rep, Rachel arrived on time and was very professional and personable. She made sure that we understood what type of service we were getting and how it compared to the competition. She also took her time to show us samples and explain the pricing options they had available. We are having our sliding glass door replaced and I am glad that we have chosen Thompson Creek to get the job more
Fuanyi Johnson
21:35 09 Jan 22
I have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Thompson Creek Window Company thus far. My husband and I met with two representatives yesterday, Guy and Jake. Both of which were very professional and knowledgeable. The meeting was very informative which made us feel confident about choosing to work with this company. We are looking forward to having our two door installations completed in early spring!read more
Kristina Narkeviciute
15:04 07 Jan 22
Neil was very professional and friendly, got straight to the point, and it was not a high-pressure sales pitch. Appears to be a very high quality product. Very excited about getting them installed this more
Kathy King
21:34 29 Dec 21
Our house was in dire need of home remodeling after remaining as it is for several decades. Thankfully, Erin was able to swing by on the day we called for an appointment, and we were able to proceed swiftly with all that is needed to be improved.She was personable, professional, and reassuring in her knowledge of the area’s climate and conditions. Looking through our issues, she was able to identify all the problems that led to today. Our answers were fully and confidently answer, so we’re feeling secure in the service and product that we’ll be receiving as she informs us that Thompson Creek operates locally in MD, VA, and more
Winnie Chen
02:42 21 Dec 21
We have seen Thompson Creek flyers regularly over the past several years; I was always struck by the simplicity - a single 8-1/2 x 11 paper, black and white. I imagined that might reflect the company’s business practice - simple, courteous, not too obtrusive, and cost effectiveTodays visit from Erin to discuss our entry door replacement confirmed my perception! She was thorough and knowledgeable without being pushy or “anxious” to make a sale…. But after seeing and hearing her describe the product and services they offer, both my wife and I were unanimous in deciding to place our order - particularly in light of the price we arrived at for a totally custom steel front door system with custom glass in the door, transom lite, and two side panels.We are impressed so far! We’ll provide more feedback after our new door system is installed this coming more
Ben Knick
14:51 19 Dec 21
Got my whole house of windows/front and side doors from Thompson Creek. They kept me informed during the entire process and did a quality job at install. I feel really good knowing I will never have to do these projects again. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family!read more
Marc Thompson
03:34 08 Dec 21
We just had the pleasure of meeting Erin Eissens, Factory Representative, for Thompson Creek Windows. Erin was punctual, professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the process of buying new windows and sliding doors for our home. She listened to exactly what we wanted and answered every question! We were very impressed with the construction of the product as she explained how the windows/doors are built. Erin was a stellar representative of Thompson Creek but also made us feel that she was working for us, too, to get the most for our money. We weren’t really planning to sign a contract tonight but Erin got us there! Looking forward to our install in the next 10 weeks!read more
J Hillegass
01:36 23 Oct 21
Totally impressed with Erin. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when she gave us the presentation. She explained the company, products and what they could offer us. The pace of the presentation was good. She valued our time. We were excited to sign a contract and look forward to our new windows, trim and more
Beth Turner
16:21 21 Oct 21
Thompson Creek Window Company has been around over 30 years and have build a reputation of quality and service and now I can definitely see why! We signed up for a gutter estimate with this company and met with Guy and Amar for our free estimate. They were very courteous and respectful. They took their time to walk around the property, walk us through the estimate and answer our questions. They even gave us time to talk amongst ourselves to make sure we felt comfortable moving forward. I did not feel rush or forced into signing the contract. Their prices were very reasonable and I feel the quality of their product and presentation overall won us over. I look forward to working with this company as we move forward and in possible future projects as more
Melissa Estrada
19:29 02 Oct 21
My experience with Neil was exceptional, He took his time in explaining everything in detail and made sure that we knew exactly what he was explaining to us about the windows and door. Neil is a great salesperson and very courteous and polite. I recommend talking to Neil if you need windows more
Malcolm Artis
20:25 23 Sep 21
Update: I got my windows installed last week and absolutely love them! They are everything they said they would be. Installation took most of the day for 10 windows. There were two guys working the whole project and they did an awesome job! I’m so glad I went with this company!Erin was professional and explained who Thompson Creek is, how long they’ve been in business and how they do business.She was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.I was very impressed with the quality and warranty they offer. It is what sold me on going with this company.I look forward to having Thompson Creek install my windows!read more
Mallory Peele
15:57 22 Sep 21
My experience with Neil W was exceptional. Although at this time I did not move forward with the service offered, Neil was patient, professional, on time, informative and honest. The only reason I did not move today was because I need to prioritize my projects and get a timeline going as to when I will make the necessary improvements that I am going to make. When I am ready Thompson creek will be my go to for service. I'm looking forward to doing business with them in the more
Salena Holmes
11:47 10 Sep 21
Had a great experience with Thompson creek windows in Chesapeake. Our representative, Guy, was extremely professional and very knowledgeable on the products. Their quality is unmatched, I look forward to doing future business.-Codyread more
Cody Dohm
20:19 04 Sep 21
We worked with Neil, he was very professional and patient. Was not at all pushy or high pressure. We love the look of the gutters and went from the old 4" to new 6". Highly recommend. Like that they are a family owned more
Larry Tanner
01:03 19 Aug 21
I was in the market for some new storm doors. Neil came to my house to provide an education and show me the various options. He was incredibly helpful & even came back several days later when I changed my mind on the design. Gary was awesome too when he came to measure. They and the company are great about keeping you up-to-date on the progress and very professional. Everything should be installed in about 6 weeks and I am sure I'll be just as happy with that! I will definitely call Neil at Thompson Creek for my next home improvement project!read more
Lisa Gilbert
19:48 18 Aug 21
My family had a wonderful experience with Thompson Creek. We got new windows and gutters for the entire home and are extremely impressed with the quality of products we received. We did a TON of research and had many other companies come out before Thompson Creek, but there really is no one out there that compares to the value we got for our money. They made their own windows and gutters to custom fit in our home and the warranty is awesome. Overall very happy with the service throughout the entire process. Thank you!!!read more
Hannah Wright
01:58 07 Jul 21
The sales representative Guy came out on time. He was very courteous and professional and made every attempt to get me a price as close as he could to the other 2 competitors. I like their product very much. Really responsible in financing as well if you need more
evelyn harper
23:46 05 Jul 21
Rachel was absolutely amazing. She wasn’t a pushy salesperson, she didn’t have to be, her product sold itself. She made us feel comfortable and went over the quality of windows that Thompson Creek offers. My husband and I took advantage of the monthly payment plan that Brian approved. I love that any issues will be taken care of in house. I don’t have to call 57252748 different people to solve an issue (not that I foresee anything happening) but it is great to know it’s a one shop stop. The warranty that this company offers are unbeatable. Our windows will be installed in September, perfect timing to have the new windows open in Va more
Marcy Hewitt
17:30 25 Jun 21
Erin Eissens was the best sales rep I have ever worked with! I had absolutely no idea about what I needed to fix this older house I just moved into. Erin walked me through the entire process and explained everything so well. She was so knowledgeable about all of the products and I definitely feel she got me the best deal she could. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!read more
Ashley Beckman
22:49 08 Jun 21
Had a great experience with this company. The sales rep was very friendly and knowledgable and didn't make us feel like we were negotiating for price. The installation crew arrived on time, did a great job and were also very friendly.The best part is that the windows and patio doors are amazing! Our whole house feels more insulated, it's so much quieter and we can actually keep our young toddlers from opening the patio doors now (they have an extra security foot lock that the boys haven't figured out yet).read more
Kimberly Young
18:39 04 Jun 21
We used Thompson creek several times. The crew that did the installation was very professional, polite and did an excellent job!!!They were on time and took care not to damage anything and made sure all the debris was cleaned up when the job was completed.The quality of the entrance door, storm door and windows are excellent, everything was measured correctly and fit the space perfectly!read more
Jonas Ignatavicius
21:39 02 Jun 21
Outstanding process from beginning (initial visit and estimate), to mid-way (measurements taken), to end (installation). Full clarity on the product, work schedule, and cost. Installation was quick and efficient with full clean up. All questions answered completely and clearly, and the price was both fair and competitive. Weill certainly use TCWC for further window more
Robert Weber
20:37 28 May 21
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sity and Neil yesterday in my Chesapeake home. They were extremely friendly and very transparent in what could be done and what they were unable to accomplish. I also enjoyed chatting with them on the side and how they interacted with my children and my dog. I had previously had windows installed through Thompson Creek last year and was ready to begin replacing other windows. They are so good at their job and presented such appealing options that I opted into replacing all of my windows instead of just doing sections. I couldn't beat the offer and was sold immediately.The previous installation went smooth and the installers did a fantastic job. They were very quick and efficient. I very much look forward to the new windows throughout the rest of my house. After that is complete I plan to use their services again to replace gutters and doors. I am very satisfied with the company, the quality of products, the pricing options and the selection of goods. The overall process was easy and streamlined! Thank you!read more
Mandy Awtry
17:53 06 May 21
The only part of the purchasing/installation experience I did not like was the sales pitch. I was already familiar with the product so really I only needed to make sure the price was in my expected range.They said to set aside an hour for the person to go over their product, measure, and give me a price. It took 2 hours, almost the typical 'car-buying' experience of making you wait so long you'll do anything to end it and just say yes. And of course, they give the various quotes so you think you're getting a great deal and you immediately agree. My wife and I had already discussed what we thought the cost should be, and what we were okay paying, and when the quote was in the range, we accepted it. The whole thing could have taken 15 minutes but he dragged it out.The installation itself, however, was a great experience. A small team showed up, put out drop cloths, covered furniture and other things, and began cutting out the windows. They were very efficient, very respectful of our house, and did a great job of keeping things clean and organized. They cleaned up after they were done and I only found a couple of random debris in my mulch beds after they left.The new windows look great, and the trim/caulking on the outside looks great, professional, and better than I expected was possible. Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome and wish I hadn't waited so long to replace my old more
Tom Jedlicka
13:07 03 May 21
This is our second time using Thompson Creek for window replacement and custom windows. Both times we have used them, they exceeded our expectations. It wasn’t in our budget to replace all 23 of our windows at once. At first we replaced the windows in the front of our house and on the side that is most visible from the street. Some of the existing wood around the windows was starting to show its age and they replaced the damaged wood at the same time. From our first phone call to set up our free quote to the install date, every Thompson Creek employee was friendly, helpful, prompt, and just a pleasure to work with. They answered ALL of our questions and helped us choose the best windows for our style of house and our budget. We love our new windows and are excited to get our next set installed. They offer choices for payment with different financing offers that were super easy to apply for. Our most recent appointment was with Neil and Sity. They are both extremely helpful, professional, and exceeded our expectations as more
Kathleen Lundberg
23:55 29 Apr 21
Great experience with Thompson Creek installing two sliding glass doors. I knew their product was top notch, and was surprised with how competitive their pricing was after getting a few quotes. The installation was quick, clean, and professional. Two screws were initially missing from the materials but a supervisor showed up within the hour and finished up the job more
Alex Purnell
15:47 29 Apr 21
Had a great experience with Thompson Creek. I love the fact that I received custom products for a great price. Them being manufacture direct definitely shows in their quality. Highly more
Kalyn Monreal
00:59 29 Apr 21
We had our initial consultation and estimate tonight done by Jalynn. She was punctual and very professional. She gave us a lot of info and we asked lots of questions before we signed the contract, so altogether it took almost 3 hours. I wish she had been able to give us a copy of the quote itself including the work to be done. We were told the project can be scheduled about 7-8 weeks out (much sooner than another major window company in the area), so I will update my review after the job is more
Elizabeth Blair
04:54 21 Apr 21
Erin come out today to give me a quote and I had a great experience. She showed up exactly on time and walked me through the whole process for new windows. She gave me multiple quote options with the exact pricing. I’m looking forward to the more
Tim K
02:05 18 Apr 21
They showed up on time to give us a quote. Definitely cheaper than our last window experience, with just a few differences. Best bang for their buck that I've found in the Suffolk area. Cuts out the middle man and gives you plenty of options. I'm pretty glad I went with them thus far. Thanks Thompson Creek, Jalynn was the best!read more
Seana La Gala
00:01 17 Apr 21
Best experience I’ve had with any home improvement! The team got back to me immediately to schedule an appointment, answered all follow up questions and scheduled me for the first available installation. The quality is phenomenal, team members (including the worker bees) were kind and courteous, and the warranty is beyond worth it. Best experience, by more
Colleen Moylan
16:03 12 Apr 21
Our experience with Thompson Creek from the start was fantastic! From the Customer Service when calling to plan/schedule our first appointment, to our appointment with Erin, our Sales Representative, to dispatch staying in touch on the date of install, to the quality of the workmanship, and even beyond to the follow-up after it ALL is what has left a lasting impression on us as first-time Thompson Creek customers. We definitely plan to be repeat customers!read more
Hannah Coburn
22:48 30 Mar 21
Great work, professional advice and installation, great customer service. Excellent workmanship
Charlie Mandeville
19:13 30 Mar 21
It was a great experience, very professional installers. A reall great product and very air toght. I would rate them 5 more
Jeffrey jasmin
10:01 29 Mar 21

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