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Preparing Your Home For Installation


Preparing for Window & Door Installation

Preparing-for-Siding Installation

Preparing for Siding Installation


7 Things that Affect the Average Cost of Windows

Learn more about the factors that can affect the cost of replacing your home's windows.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Here are 5 signs that show your windows may need replacing.

How to Choose the Best Energy Efficient Windows

Learn how to choose the best energy efficient windows for your home.

7 Signs You Need a New Roof

Learn about the 7 signs that show your roof may need to be replaced.

Why Choose Double-Hung Windows for Your Home

Find out why double-hung windows may be the best choice for your window replacement project.

Best Exterior Home Renovation Projects

Learn more about the best exterior home renovation projects that will help make a difference in your home.

5 Tips to Help You Estimate the Value of a Home

Here are our tips for helping you estimating the value of your home

Hampton Roads Customer Testimonial

Hear from Rick, our recent customer from Chesapeake, VA!

Gutters in action

Thompson Creek Window Company | Virtual Consultations

Looking to speak with one of our specialists from the comfort of your home? Thompson Creek now offers free video consultations.

Window Installation Time Lapse

Time lapse of a Thompson Creek Window Company window installation.

CEOs You Should Know: Rick Wuest

iHeartMedia interview with our President and CEO, Rick Wuest