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Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors are a wonderful way to capture your outdoor view without letting in the elements. Our energy efficient vinyl sliding glass doors allow maximum light while blocking noise and weather.

Our sliding doors use a fusion-welded master frame and multi-chambered construction for maximum strength and thermal performance, blocking drafts and reducing water penetration with our triple-action foot locking system that has three different locking positions. Since they slide instead of swing, our patio door replacements take up less floor space, leaving you more room to enjoy the view to your yard or deck. Prefer to let in some fresh air without inviting the bugs? Our screen doors make the perfect complement to any patio door replacement project.

Our patio doors are custom-crafted for your home, with an array of sidelights, transoms, grids and hardware available in brass, antique brass, and brushed chrome. Not sure what sliding glass doors are best for your home? Our factory experts can help you create the perfect configuration – which will be custom built just for you.

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There are many benefits of sliding patio doors. They are cost-efficient and less expensive than French options but last just as long. Sliding patio doors are aesthetically appealing and a great option for many homes. To learn even more about the plentiful sliding door benefits, contact Thompson Creek today.

Depending on your selection, the sliding patio door costs vary from $3,000-$30,000. Every project is different, so it’s important to contact a professional such as Thompson Creek to determine the  cost to install your sliding patio door.

 Looking to buy a new sliding door for your home is easy. A sliding patio door is an enhancement to your house that gives you access to the outside world while letting natural light into your home. When looking to buy a new sliding patio door, it’s important to consider the different types of sliding doors, features, and materials. Sliding patio doors offer a host of benefits, making them a better choice than a traditional door for a number of reasons. These doors add architectural beauty to your home, as well as security, functionality, and natural light.

A typical sliding patio door installation can be installed in just a few hours. We will help to provide an estimate on the total time the process will take from start to finish.

What is the best material for sliding patio doors? There are an array of options to choose from when it comes to sliding patio door materials. To narrow it down, sliding doors are mostly commonly constructed using two main materials: fiberglass, and wood. At Thompson Creek, we recommend vinyl over wood. Wood sliding doors require more maintenance and are less energy efficient. 

An expert will come to take measurements, and help you decide on the right material and fit for your home.  All of our products come with a No Hassle Warranty up to 50-years. Our patio doors are custom built for optimal energy efficiency, leaving your home less drafty and helping you save on your energy bills.  

When you’re shopping for energy-efficient sliding patio doors, you should consider the material of the frame and the glazing of the door itself. Also, consider whether you really want sliding glass doors or if swinging French doors would suit your home’s architectural style.

You may be wondering, “Are all doors the same?” when it comes to quality. Not all sliding patio doors are equal in terms of quality. In fact, builder-grade doors are actually less energy efficient and more susceptible to the outside elements, which means, you’ll see the effects of UV rays over-time. 

It’s essential to have only the top-quality materials to prevent cracking and erosion due to UV rays. Thompson Creek only uses high grade tools and materials to be sure your patio door is built to last. And it’s important your sliding patio doors are made to fit perfectly so the doors aren’t compromised and neither is your home’s safety.

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