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Sound Shield Features Include: Sound Dampening Glass, Solar Protection & Energy Efficiency

The world outside your home can be a noisy place. Sound Shield™ helps you instantly turn down the volume on the outside world and transform your home into a quiet refuge.

Our Sound Shield sound absorbing glass package lets you reduce sound and soften unwanted exterior noises by up to 35% compared to our standard sound-reducing double pane windows. We know because we designed and tested Sound Shield to help you dampen noise in even the loudest environments.

But don’t take our word for it – watch this video to hear for yourself!



Sound Shield Is Much More Than An Accessory

Don’t waste time trying to soundproof your old windows with add-on accessories. Noise-abatement inserts make it difficult to operate your windows, and blinds block out natural light. Let the light in while keeping more sound out with Sound Shield glass in a Thompson Creek window system.

With experience designing, testing, and locally manufacturing windows for our unique Mid-Atlantic climate, Thompson Creek is constantly innovating to help you enjoy even more comfort in your home. That’s why Sound Shield noise dampening glass brings you all the Thompson Creek benefits you already love.

Sound Shield Sound Absorbing Glass Features:

Sound Shield Features Include: Sound Dampening Glass, Solar Protection & Energy Efficiency


Sound Shield™ is available with these Premium Window Styles: Double HungCasementPictureAwningDouble SliderBayBow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sound Shield™?

Sound Shield™ is a proprietary sound dampening glass package available on our premium window styles. It filters out 35% more exterior noise than our standard sound-reducing double pane windows.

How do I know if I need Sound Shield™?

Sound Shield™ is your answer for peace and quiet in the home. Has highway or aircraft noise ever worn you down? Has the neighbor’s lawn mower ever woken you up early? If so, you need Sound Shield glass.

Which geographic areas typically need this type of product?

The US Department of Transportation has created a national noise map, complete with a sound-level ranking system. We recommend that anyone in a busy to active zone (any location with greater than 35 decibels of average noise) get Sound Shield™ noise abatement glass.

What is the difference between this window and the other windows you offer?

All Thompson Creek windows are complete window systems, meaning they’ll keep more sound and extreme temperatures out of your home than your old windows. Sound Shield™ is an upgrade to the glass in your Thompson Creek windows that makes them extra effective and reduces sound: as much as 35% more than our standard sound-reducing windows.

Sound Shield & Noise Shield Windows Lowering Airplane, Traffic, and Dishwasher Noise

How does Sound Shield™ compare to my current windows?

We’ve compared our new Sound Shield™ windows to several of the most common window types in the Mid-Atlantic. We found that Sound Shield™ windows filter out up to 35% more noise than our standard sound-reducing double pane windows.

How does Sound Shield™ glass reduce unwanted noise?

Noise can enter your home from a number of avenues. Your windows, doors and walls each allow different amounts of noise to pass through, and some are better at blocking noise than others. Sound Shield™ glass combines pane placement and glass composition to reduce the amount of sound coming through your windows.

Do I need to replace all the windows in my home to get the full effect?

No, you don’t have to replace every window with Sound Shield™ glass windows. For best results, choose Sound Shield™ glass for windows on the noisiest side (or sides) of your home.

Will the glass look different than a standard window?

Nope! Sound Shield™ windows look like normal windows, but they sound very different. The window frame holding your Sound Shield™ glass will still have the same benefits offered on all our premium windows: added energy efficiency, security and quality vinyl.

Will it operate any differently from a standard window?

Nope. A Thompson Creek window with Sound Shield™ glass will operate just like a Thompson Creek window with conventional glass. The only difference is the audible difference.

How long do I have to wait for windows with Sound Shield to be installed?

There’s no extra wait time for Sound Shield™ glass. Ask your Thompson Creek project manager for your expected installation time.

Does this glass package come with a different warranty?

Sound Shield™ windows fall under the same, customer-friendly warranty as our premium windows.

An independent 3rd party testing firm assessed our Sound Shield glass using ASTM E90 standards. Actual sound dampening performance in the home is affected by a variety of factors including age and composition of building materials and the distance and severity of a noise source. All test results were obtained under replicable laboratory conditions. Thompson Creek makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding a minimum sound-dampening performance in the home.

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