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Meet The Thompson Creek Gutter System

Thompson Creek® replacement gutters eliminate the need for seasonal gutter maintenance – freeing you of hassle, expense and time. You will never worry about clogged gutters with the Thompson Creek gutter system. Our replacement gutters use unique gutter hoods to filter leaves and debris and keep your gutters clear. What’s more, we install gutters as one seamless trough for a gutter system that never clogs or pulls away from your home, eliminating gutter problems.

Thompson Creek Gutters in Action

Our gutter systems are designed to protect your home from water, wind, and debris for up to 50 years! Our products are designed to handle the severe weather, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy around your home.

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Delight to work with

The Thompson Creek organization is a delight to work with. This recent job involved replacing the rain gutters and it went smoothly under the director of Jennifer M. The workers were hard working courtesy and dedicated to getting the work done well. Each step of the process - sales, pre-work planning and installation was wonderful. I highly recommend Thompson Creek as an organization for excellent workmanship and high quality products. We have used them for window, doors and gutters.

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Why Choose Thompson Creek Gutters?

A few reasons why homeowners love Thompson Creek gutters

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We offer the best gutter system in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia

If you’re looking for custom rain gutters, look no further than Thompson Creek®. We offer the best gutter system in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Our unique gutter system will save you time and money throughout the seasons, and our gutter installation process ensures a smooth, seamless fit every time.


Locally Crafted,
Warranty Guaranteed

There is no middlemen. We sell it, we design it, we build it, we manage the install, we service it - and if it breaks, we replace it. You have peace of mind as we are 100% accountable to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The system works on the physical principle of water tension. If you hold the lip of a drinking glass under a running tap, the water will follow the contours of the glass, even changing the direction of the flow. Our gutter system allows water to curve around the hood of the gutter and flow into the gutter portion, while leaves and debris flow over and off, never clogging the system.

We remove your old gutters and downspouts and custom create a premium gutter system on-site. We attach our gutter brackets every 24″ to either the rafter tails or fascia boards of your home, ensuring that your system can withstand heavy ice and snow. The gutter hoods are anchored to the gutter brackets every 24″, making it impossible for the hood to separate from the system. All of the elbows curve, allowing water to flow freely and not collect at angle points.

The Thompson Creek gutter system is fully guaranteed to never clog or pull away from your home for up to 50 years – a guarantee that extends to the next owner for a limited time.

The Thompson Creek gutter system is completely enclosed, keeping out leaves and debris – and eliminating the chore of cleaning out your gutters. Our gutter system also includes an exclusive high-back system with eight flow reducers, preventing unwanted overflow and protecting the fascia.

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