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garden window with white vinyl

Garden Windows

Thompson Creek’s® vinyl garden windows add dimension and light to your kitchen. Our garden windows include shelving space, making them perfect for an in-home herb and vegetable garden.

Garden Window Materials

We design and manufacture vinyl replacement windows. Some of the benefits of vinyl garden windows include the following: 

  • Enhanced Insulation
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Low-Maintenance 
  • Unique Styles
  • Provide Space for Plants/Herbs 

Why Choose Garden Windows?

Garden windows project outward from your home, creating space and visual appeal. They offer sun exposure from 3 different sides, which helps to bring in natural light to brighten up the inside of your home. 

In fact, garden windows are ideal for use as a year-round greenhouse, and they also provide ample space to highlight any of your decorative pieces. Often found in kitchens and laundry rooms, garden windows offer versatility, making them ideal for every type of home. 

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We want your garden window shopping experience to be simple. From selecting your windows, to choosing a professional to complete the job – it’s important you’re satisfied every step of the way. Thompson Creek can ensure the process from start to finish, and your new windows, to be perfect .

Browse Your Window Options

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double glass pane

Doublepane-glass - These windows feature two panes of standard low thermal emissivity, or Low-E, glass, separated by a spacer. The pocket between the two layers of glass is filled with argon gas and sealed. Argon gas is a inert gas that is non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas that is heavier than air and displaces the air between the glass panes, acting as an insulator. All Thompson Creek windows start with the double pane glass package by default.


Full - Full-screens provide complete coverage for your window. This option allows you to partially open both sashes to better circulate air through your home, all while keeping bugs and leaves out.

trimmodern-200x200 C

Modern - Trim helps define the style of your window while covering the seam between your window and the wall where it is installed. Our Modern-style trim offers clean lines and stark, 90 degree angles.

trimcolonial-200x203 C

Colonial - Trim helps define the style of your window while covering the seam between your window and the wall where it is installed. Our Colonial-style trim offers stately curves redolent of classic woodworking.

black window












custom colors

Custom - We can match most colors in the Sherwin Williams catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A garden window is a window that can be placed where an existing garden window or other window exists. A garden window itself is designed to grow plants in and looks like a glass box sitting outside your window frame.

Most garden windows are typically installed in half of a day

Thompson Creek offers high quality, long-lasting garden windows that are perfect for any home.

The cost can vary based on size, options and installation requirements. We’re happy to provide a quote, good for one year, when you schedule your no-obligation consultation.

Any home is well suited for a garden window.

At Thompson Creek, we custom make the window to the current opening.

This depends on different factors (i.e. home insulation, the temperature you typically keep your home, roofing, etc.) Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

According to Cost vs. Value, this can add about 70 percent of your investment.

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