6 Benefits Custom Windows Offer Your West Chester, PA Home

6 Benefits Custom Windows Offer Your West Chester, PA Home

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Imagine your West Chester, PA home transformed, exuding elegance and efficiency with every glance. That’s the power of custom windows.

Whether you’re renovating your cherished abode or crafting a new sanctuary from the ground up, custom windows are not just an option—they’re a game-changer. Dive into these six compelling reasons why custom windows are the upgrade your Pennsylvania home deserves.

1. Custom Replacement Windows Add Individuality

With all the materials, colors, and custom shapes we offer, you can easily design your home’s windows to meet its personality or style. After all, do you want the same type of window everyone on the block uses in their home?

Or do you want your custom curb appeal to shine brighter than all the rest?

At hardware stores, you will find the basic square or rectangle-shaped windows offered, which may not fit in with your room at all. Custom window shapes are designed to match the room, whether it be an oval, octagon, or diamond shape that fits it best. Even specialty shapes are offered to fit your unique situation.

2. Be Energy Efficient With Custom Windows

The U.S. Department of Energy states that heat gain and heat loss through windows account for 25%-30% of residential heating and cooling usage. Ensuring that your replacement windows fit into their openings is half the battle to ensure your home becomes more energy efficient.

If your current windows are nearing 20 years old, chances are they’ve become drafty and are keeping your energy costs higher than necessary.

Choosing tight-fitting custom windows for your home with the added feature of double or triple-pane glass can save you real money on your monthly energy bills.

3. Custom Windows Add Resale Value

Installing new windows is listed as one of the top ten home improvement projects that add value to your home, and investing in a window replacement project could up your home’s price tag.

A drafty home can often turn off buyers immediately, as will a home inspection that notes rotting window frames and condensation between window panes. It’s harder to negotiate repairs in the deal than putting your home’s best foot forward upon listing.

Homes with new windows installed before they hit the market are more likely to sell. This advantage is amplified if your windows come with an outstanding lifetime warranty transferable to subsequent homeowners.

4. Custom Windows Blend Into A Home Effortlessly

Even if your home is from the early 1900s, you can opt for custom windows similar to what was initially placed into the home. The difference is that you won’t have the headache of air leaks the standard windows may have had, as custom sizes ensure a perfect fit.

With all the style and color options for custom windows, you can find the perfect combination for your home.

5. Custom Windows Provide Greater Comfort

Outside noises can be disruptive inside the home. Custom windows can make sure your home is an oasis. Double-pane vinyl windows and triple-pane windows can both help reduce noise.

Thompson Creek takes it a step further with our exclusive Sound Shield™ glass package that can reduce sound and often unwanted exterior noises by up to 35 percent compared to standard sound-reducing double pane windows.

6. Custom Windows Are Beautiful, Yet Functional

Homeowners can take great comfort when custom windows are not just decorative but functional. Windows are often a main entry point for burglars, so your custom windows must fit securely, and their locking mechanisms work correctly, which is not a problem when properly installed.

Functional yet beautiful windows are what every homeowner needs in their home to feel secure yet also know their home has fantastic curb appeal.

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If you are ready to reap all the benefits that high-quality custom windows offer your West Chester, PA home, Thompson Creek Window Company is here to help as the window replacement company people in the area choose.

We offer made-to-order windows to fit any style or idea you may have. Contact us or call us today at 215-253-7823 for your free estimate and learn more about our installation process.