What are the Benefits of Natural Light?

What are the Benefits of Natural Light?

What are the benefits of natural light in your home, and can you maximize the amount of natural sunlight into your home with replacement windows? Even if you are indoors working from home or just going about everyday life, your windows can allow sunlight to come in and give you all those benefits such as improving sleep, stress levels, and energy efficiency.

The hottest days of summer are approaching, and with that comes more time indoors to avoid the heat. Although, if you are like most people, you actually spent about 90% of your time indoors.  It is in your best interest to invest in added natural light inside your home for many reasons including your health, your energy bill and your quality of life indoors.

Natural light improves your concentration

If you work in a home office, adding natural light to your space can greatly improve your focus and efficiency. Studies show that exposure to light affects the amount of melatonin a person produces. In short: the less sunlight you get, the more melatonin you produce and therefore the less alert you are. Investing in added natural light means investing in your work productivity. Strategically-placed windows can maximize your exposure to natural light and also gives you the opportunity to focus on long distance to avoid eye strain.

Natural light can boost your immune system

It is well known that sunshine contains vitamin D a crucial vitamin for your immune system. Since we spend so much of our time indoors, it is important to compensate for this loss through exposure to natural light. Even from inside, exposure to natural light can give you a boost of vitamin D, and help your immune system fight off illnesses more efficiently. Energy efficient replacement windows can make it comfortable to absorb that natural light without the heat and humidity that comes with it.

Natural light is better for indoor plants

Simply put, humans and houseplants both benefit from sunlight. While we absorb the vitamin D, our plants can still get the nutrients they need from sunlight without getting scorched by too much UV rays. Indoor plants also provide many benefits when they are healthy, from enhancing the appearance of your space to detoxifying the air indoors. Make sure to find out just how much sun and whether that sun is direct or indirect before placing plants in front of windows to ensure they get exactly what they need to thrive.

Natural light saves you money on your energy bill

Designing your home to include an abundance of natural light can (quite literally) pay off in the long run. Using natural light during the day, as opposed to artificial light, is guaranteed to lower your energy bill; not to mention it’s better for our planet, too.

Natural light can make small spaces seem larger

Dark rooms can feel smaller than they are. Replacement windows and the natural light they introduce into the room can make a room feel more spacious. You can choose window styles like picture windows to create a focal point in a room or double hung replacement windows to provide function and style.

Investing in Windows Means Investing in More Natural Light

Wondering how to incorporate more natural light into your home? Ask our window experts at Thompson Creek how a window replacement can do this for you. Investing in new windows means investing in more natural light, and a better quality of life indoors.