5 Home Improvement Projects with a High ROI

5 Home Improvement Projects with a High ROI

Completely renovating a house or certain parts of it is not cheap work. It is costly and that’s why you need to do improvements that will be profitable if ever you want to sell your home.

Learn more about the top home improvement projects with a high ROI here! We’ll start from the home improvement project with the smallest ROI to that with the highest.

1) Windows

Windows can automatically change the look and feel of a house, and help you cut costs on energy bills if they are energy efficient. It will cost you an average of $9,700 to replace windows. The average return is $8,700 with a return on investment (ROI) of 89.6%.

2) Front entry doors

Replacing entry doors can improve your home’s aesthetics and improve the value in case you want to resell. It is one of the first things that homebuyers see and it is a key point when deciding if they want to buy your home. The average cost of changing entry doors is $5,640. The ROI from replacing doors is 90.7%.

3) Garage doors

Replacing a garage door can cost approximately $3,907 but it gets more expensive if it allows for insulation and depending on if it is a double layer door. A garage door is a worthy investment with an average resale value of $3,663 and an ROI of 94%. Garage doors offer security, prevent flooding, and are aesthetically pleasing.

4) Minor Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen simply means doing necessary touch-ups to give it more life. All you need do is enhance the features the kitchen already has instead of doing a complete overhaul. Fix the cabinets, paint peeling areas, unclog the drain, add a few new hardware to give the kitchen a modern look. The average cost of this remodel is $15,000and it has an average return of $14,600 which is a huge figure in itself. The best part is that the return on investment is 98.5% putting it among home improvement projects that are the best bet for your buck.

5) Minor Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are the one place in every house that you can be sure that most homebuyers will be keen on analyzing. The more effort you put into giving your bathroom a facelift, the more valuable it will be on the market. Touch up the paint and check that the sinks are all functioning properly. Take out stains and fix the broken toilet cover. A minor bathroom remodel is the most beneficial of all home improvement projects because you will get up to 102%. The average cost of remodeling is $10,500 and the average return is $10,700.

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