Brown Exterior House Color Schemes

Brown Exterior House Color Schemes

When it comes to your home’s presentation, color matters. Few other factors impact your home’s exterior as much as choosing the right colors. From siding to shingles, there are endless shades to choose from. For all the possibilities, brown is a classic color that finds its way into most homes in one way or another. 

Whether you’re looking to coordinate a brown house color scheme with an accent roof or simply looking for a way to add a little earthiness to your trim, we’ve got you covered. Here are five great ways to incorporate the color brown into your home. 

Contrast With Siding and Trim Accent Colors 

While brown isn’t the flashiest color in the coloring box, when it’s paired with the right accents, it can make your home dazzle. If you’re looking for brown siding, consider going with a deep chocolate color paired with white trim. This contrast makes for a rich design that brightens your home’s facade. 

If you’re worried about overdoing the brown, consider going the other way. A rich brown trim framing a lighter siding, such as a classic cream or sage, can add depth and character to your home without making it dark and gloomy. 

Brown Accents With Shingles and Fieldstone 

Brown shingles can give your home a well-rounded richness. Larger homes can benefit from breaking up varying shades into roof sections and help accentuate the different structures and facades. No matter the styles and colors of your shingles, be sure to have them inspected regularly to extend the life of your roof. 

Trim and siding aren’t the only ways to give your home a rich, earthy makeover. For homes with warm, lighter color siding, texturing with deep brown fieldstone can do wonders. The right kind of fieldstone with flecks that match your siding can really bring everything together. 

Grays and Blues Brings Brown to Life 

Homeowners often pair brown siding with white trim. While this is a classic look, it’s not your only option — gray tones look great, too. On top of that, various shades of blues can give brown homes a commanding appearance. Since blues and grays have similar tones to brown, incorporating them can complement rather than clash. 

Try Two-Tone Siding 

If you’re thinking that a single shade of brown might look too drab, you could try two-tone siding for your brown house color scheme. Light brown and dark brown tone-on-tone siding helps highlight the roofline, windows and doors, making the structure of your home stand out. 

Go For a Stained Wood Look 

If you love the look of brown but want something more organic, a stained wood look adds warmth and depth. Consider using it on your trim to add more dimension. If your home has complex features, stained wood siding can help accentuate them and make them center stage for your home’s presentation. 

Refine Your Brown House Color Scheme 

There are countless ways to mix brown into the exterior of your home’s color scheme. Whether it’s a touch of rich chocolate in the trim of your home or earthy, two-tone siding, this color always delivers. 

If you’re thinking of giving your home an earthy makeover, Thompson Creek has you covered. With a variety of roofing, siding, window, and door services and solutions, we can help you add a touch — or more! — of sophistication to your home. Get in touch today to find out more.