Choosing Roof Shingles By Color & Type

Choosing Roof Shingles By Color & Type

A roof leak, stains on your ceilings or shingles found blown off and in your front yard are all signs it may be time for a roof replacement. But, while the signs you need a roof might be easy to see, picking the right roofing shingle type and color to match your home’s design and budget is a harder task.  

 Your roof is the second largest aspect of your house’s exterior beside your siding. Choosing a good color for your shingles that compliments your siding and front door is vital to your home’s curb appeal. While there are great ways to make quick updates to your home by changing out paint colors, a roof is a big investment and made to last. 

 There are several types of roof shingles that offer a variety of benefits and design options. A roof with a fiber cement shingles lasts about 25 years, while copper, slate and tile roofs can have a 50-year lifetime. Roofs with asphalt/composition shingles may need to be replaced after 20 years, if you have builder grade shingles. 

 Check out these things to think about when picking your roof shingle color. 

1. How do you like your current roof color?

If you find your already love the roof color combination with your home then simply ask your contractor to match what you already have. Your new roof will be more energy efficient but will give you the same look you have already loved. 

2. Take the time to find out the color options available for the type of roof shingles used on your project.

Your contractor should provide an array of color choices available for your material.  

3. Think bold or stay subtle.

Since your roof makes up about 40 percent of your home’s exterior a bold color can really draw attention to it. Make sure that is your goal. If not choose a more muted hue that allows your roof to play a supporting role. 

4. Bring a shingle home.

Get samples of your shingle options and see how you like their look at different times of the day. Lighting and the position of your home with the sun can make a big difference in how you see the roof shingle color throughout the day. 

5. Consider the color cost.

Some roof shingle colors cost more because they are considered designer. Make sure to price out the upgrade to determine if your roof shingle color is in your budget. 

6. Making a material choice.

Some types of roof shingle materials will limit your color choices. While asphalt shingles come in dozens of colors; tile, metal or wood roofing systems will have more limited options in color choices. You can find more about the types of shingles available here. 

 Thompson Creek has a wide array of shingle color options, and other ways to customize your perfect roofing system.  

Shingle colors with undertones of brown and purple go best with earthy tones of siding such as brick red or tan. Shingle options in the blues, grays and greens palette work well to complement white siding and add an airy breezy look to your home. A shingle option with vibrant undertones of red and purple will match your brick siding and add some flair to your exterior.  

 If you’re still unsure of what color to choose, or what matches your current siding, consult a Thompson Creek expert for assistance. We can help you choose the right color for your roof’s shingles and provide quality installation. We provide Advanced Shingle Technology to assure that your shingles last and a No-Hassle Warranty designed to safeguard your investments for up to 50 years after installation.