Common Roofing Hazards To Avoid (DIY)

Common Roofing Hazards To Avoid (DIY)

As a homeowner, you already know how important maintaining your house is. Some basic home repairs you may be able to complete by yourself, such as tightening faucets or hanging wallpaper. However, when it comes to maintaining your home’s roof, it’s always best to call in professional roofers. 

While DIY roofing repairs might seem tempting, not calling a professional can be dangerous and costly. Learn more about roofing hazards you should avoid. 

Physical Dangers of DIY Roofing Repairs 

Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and for good reason. Climbing a ladder while carrying the necessary tools, equipment and materials is quite risky, and walking around on a sloped roof is extremely dangerous. Without proper training, experience and safety equipment, you’re at higher risk of falling off the roof while trying to make repairs. 

Some of the most common roofing injuries include broken bones, back injuries, puncture wounds and traumatic brain injuries. Even falls from single-story homes can lead to significant injuries. So, don’t underestimate the risks of DIY roofing repairs, even on low-slope roofs. 

Financial Dangers of DIY Roofing Repairs 

Physical injuries are not the only type of damage DIY roofing repairs can make. DIY repairs can also lead to financial damage. 

First, conducting any type of DIY repair on your roof could void your warranty. Most professional roofers offer long-term warranties with their roof installation and roof replacement services. However, allowing a non-professional roofer, including yourself, to make any type of repairs to your roof can instantly void this warranty. 

Second, poor quality materials or workmanship can lead to faulty repairs or cause the initial repairs to worsen. For example, faulty roof repairs could fail to fix a leaky roof, which can cause structural damage to your home over time. In turn, this can lead to costly repairs. 

Finally, if you misdiagnose the problem with your roof, you may end up spending more money on materials and wasting costly supplies. In the end, it’s like that you’ll need to call a professional plumber in to fix any improper repairs. 

When To Call Professional Roofers 

The reality is that unless you have roofing experience, there is never a good time to climb onto your roof. Without the right training and safety gear, there’s a higher likelihood of your falling off the roof or sustaining some other type of injury. 

It’s best to call a professional roofing company to handle most roofing services, including: 

  • Storm damage repairs 
  • Shingle replacements 
  • Chimney repairs 
  • Removal of algae, mold or moss 
  • Flashing repairs or replacements 

You can and should, however, frequently inspect your home for signs of roof damage, such as: 

  • Missing shingles 
  • Water spots on ceiling or floors 
  • Pooling water on your roof 
  • Loose or missing flashing 
  • Damaged plumbing vent 
  • Mold or musty smell in your attic 

Whether it’s a simple roof repair or a full roof replacement, don’t risk doing DIY roofing repairs. This option can be dangerous and extremely costly. Instead, let the professionals handle these services for you. 

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