Create The Ideal Sunroom – Perfect For Your Home In Upper Marlboro, MD

Create The Ideal Sunroom – Perfect For Your Home In Upper Marlboro, MD

A Four-Season Sunroom Means
Year-Round Comfort For All

Living in Upper Marlboro, MD, we can often see too little sunshine during the winter months, which is why adding a four-season sunroom can be of excellent value to any homeowner.

A home’s sunroom can be a great place to enjoy the outdoors while you stay inside. But if your sunroom is drafty, you might not be using it as much as you could be.

Here are a few sunroom designs to help you improve the energy efficiency of your sunroom so you can enjoy it all year long.

Find The Leaks In Your Maryland Sunroom

If you already have a sunroom on your Bowie area home, you’ll want to ensure it is as energy efficient as possible. Step one is to look for leaks in the frames.

Since sunroom additions are exposed to more dramatic temperature changes than other areas of your house, the weather stripping on your windows and frames in the structure can expand and shrink.

If you have drafty windows, it may be time to replace those windows as your next home improvement project.

Install A Fan To Your Sunroom

Installing a ceiling fan in your sunroom can help you enjoy all the sunroom benefits there are regardless of the season.

If you reverse the fan’s direction during cold months, it can help circulate warm air in your room. In the summer, simply swap them back so you can enjoy the cooling effects of the breeze, making the best of your indoor-outdoor experience.

You can also consider adding a mini heating or air conditioning unit in your sunroom to help regulate the temperature in the room. With total climate control, you can treat your sunroom as an extra family room or just a pleasant escape from your day-to-day trials.

Put Low-E Windows In Your Sunroom

To keep your sunroom at the perfect temperature at all times of the year, consider using low-e windows to minimize glare and block the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A low-E window will also keep radiant energy from escaping from the room in winter while allowing you to still enjoy the natural light.

Face Your Sunroom To The South

Your sunroom should ideally face south. But it can deviate 30 degrees to the east if necessary.

When you face your sunroom south, you will get all of the benefits of the sun beaming into your room. You can get more heat and enjoy some incredible sunbeams to keep yourself warm.

Even in the dead of winter, you’ll be able to enjoy your extra space and be comfortable and cozy. With the right comfy couch, you could create your own sun-drenched living room.

Hang Temporary Window Coverings

You don’t want to cover up windows in your sunroom because, frankly, it defeats the purpose of having the room.

But you can buy inexpensive insulating window covers to hang temporarily during the winter. Keep them open during the day to capture the sun and close them in the evening as another heat-saving layer for the room.

Replace Windows With Energy
STAR-Qualified Windows

A sunroom contains a large number of windows installed closely together. This means that it is even more important to have windows that are energy efficient and built to withstand rain and wind.

Thompson Creek’s windows exceed the 2022 Energy Star criteria, and our quality materials and superior installation improve the energy efficiency of your sunroom.

Plus, a Thompson Creek window is AAMA tested to withstand rainfall of up to 8 inches per hour, and wind tested to withstand Category Four hurricanes. So you can feel safe in your sunroom at all times. No matter what the weather may throw your way.

Replacement Windows By Thompson
Creek Window Company

If you are looking for replacement windows for your sunroom, consult our Thompson Creek Window Company experts.

Because we design, build, and install our own windows, we can help you create the most energy-efficient sunroom possible.

And, if you have a sunroom with drafty, ill-fitting windows, our Thompson Creek Window professionals can provide a free in-home consultation and a no-obligation quote to help you start enjoying time in your Prince George County home’s sunroom again!

If you are ready to install replacement windows into your sunroom in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and want them installed by the best, reach out to Thompson Creek Window Company today for your free estimate, or give us a call at 301-880-4474 to learn more.