Dark Interior Design Trends

Dark Interior Design Trends

Traditional design styles always incorporate light colors to create the illusion of warmth and open space. Dark interior design elements can make traditional styles pop with just the right amount of contrast, and some people are choosing to add more dark home interior design elements due to the sheer number of ways to make a statement.  

This guide reviews dark interior design trends and how you can spruce your home up with some interior design styles.  

Why Dark Interior Design Is in Right Now  

One of the primary reasons people are making the shift toward dark interior design styles is that they’re more elegant. Adding a dark accent to your current theme makes it seem trendy, and you can control which elements of a room gain the most visual attention. If you’re concerned that you’re going to need to transform your walls to dark colors or black, the good news is that you can test the waters slowly before making a complete commitment to this trend.   

How to Make Your Room Look Larger With Dark Interior Design  

Most interior designers recommend light, vibrant colors to make your rooms look bigger, but there are a few ways you can add similar effects with darker colors. One example is to paint your bookshelves or dresser units the same color as your wall. To the naked eye, it makes the room look like it extends farther than it really does if those furniture items are placed next to it.   

Using Mirrors to Add Depth to Darker Design Elements  

Interior designers know the power of well-placed mirrors. You can add depth to any room with the right mirror and this still rings true if you’re using dark gray, black, forest green, or dark red elements in a room. The key difference is that the mirrors draw attention to different areas of the room.  

You don’t need to limit yourself to mirrors for this effect. Reflective tiles and window frames can create similar effects by spreading light throughout the room.   

Choosing the Right Lighting for a Dark Home Interior  

Modern lighting has trended toward daylight and bluer light hues, but you can awe your guests with warm lighting in front of a dark background. The contrast helps your design elements stand out, especially if you’ve chosen decorations that accent the dark walls with bright and attractive colors.   

Choosing Windows to Compliment a Dark Home Interior  

When you choose darker, richer window frames, it creates more contrast with your window. This trick works even better with larger windows, such as bay windows or bow windows, because the amount of light they let into the room contrasts well with the darker frames. You can take this another step further by adding darker window treatments such as blinds or curtains.   

Experimenting With Darker Doors  

If you’re trying to add dark interior design elements gradually, consider starting with your doors. Add dark doors and matching floor molding. If you have crown molding, consider matching its color with your doors or other dark elements in your interior design. This is one way you can combine the elements of dark interior design with your existing colors.  

Let Us Help You Complete Your Look  

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