How to Choose An Exterior House Color Scheme

How to Choose An Exterior House Color Scheme

Choosing an exterior color scheme for your house is more than just deciding what color to paint your front door. Tying your home’s shutters, siding, trim and gutters all play into the plan. Here are some things to consider when choosing exterior house colors.  

What is the size of my home? 

Much like wearing that slimming black outfit, color can alter that appearance of your home within its surroundings. Lighter color schemes can make your home appear larger and reflect different ambient light conditions. Darker shades can make your property appear smaller and can also blend into the landscaping.  

Are there any neighborhood restrictions? 

Before getting your mind set on a particular color, be sure to check your home’s neighborhood guidelines. Some homeowners’ associations restrict color choices of siding and even your front door.  

 Consider a family of colors. 

Your home’s exterior would be a bit bland if it was all painted with the same brush. Your exterior color theme should include a main field color to dominate the largest areas; an accent color to use on shutters, doors and smaller independent areas of the facade; and also a trim color for the gutters, window trim. Select your main color first and a complementary trim color. Then you can use an accent color to draw attention to an area of the home you want to highlight. 

Use paint visualization tools.

Some paint companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer tools such as paint visualizers to help get a sense of what a color will look like at your home before you dip your paintbrush in a can. The tools allow users to upload exterior home photos and select paint combinations choices for a virtual look at the results.  

Bring a sample home. 

Paint colors reflect light and while you might love a color scheme at the paint store, it might not look the same when you see it at home. Find locations on the south and north side of your home so you can see what the color would look like at different times of the day. And how the color scheme looks together in different lighting situations.   

Use color to highlight. 

Bright and contrasting colors are great tools to use when you want to emphasize a unique exterior attribute of your home.  

Draw from nature 

If your home has a stone or brick facade, your color palate is already started for you. Choose a complementary color from the natural tones of the facade to create the perfect exterior color scheme for your home.   

Trendy palette 

Following trending colors inside your home is much easier than making the leap to a trend on your home’s exterior. A front door might be the most convenient exterior material a homeowner can opt to try out the latest color trends. Experts however, have noticed homeowners making bolder moves in their choice of exterior color schemes. Among trending exterior colors are all-black exteriors including window trim and siding; rich greens and charcoal base colors with pops of color at the front door or shutters.  

No matter what exterior color scheme you choose for your home, you can’t hide broken or decayed siding; a failing roofing system or damaged windows. Make part of your focus on your exterior color scheme a full inspection of your home’s exterior. Our Thompson Creek experts can evaluate your home’s exterior including roofing system, windows, doors and siding and even help you choose the best color scheme for your home’s exterior. Call us today for a free consultation.