Home Makeover Ideas After the Winter Season

Home Makeover Ideas After the Winter Season

The start of a New Year is upon us, so this is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring renovation ideas. Which projects are you wanting to tackle the most this new year? If you’re coming up short on ideas, don’t worry. Here are five spring home makeover ideas that can transform your home from top to bottom in a hurry.

#1: Upgrade Your Flooring

Flooring is an investment that always pays off, especially when you choose a quality product like hardwood, tile, or bamboo. And, because this job can produce a lot of dust and airborne particles simply because of all the cutting that’s involved, spring is the best time of year to do it because you can open the windows and let the dust out.

#2: Install New Siding

Nothing can completely change your home’s curb appeal like new siding. Today’s siding products are engineered to help make homes not only more beautiful, but also more energy efficient. So, your home won’t only look the best it ever has on the outside, but it will also feel the best it ever has on the inside.

#3: Replace Your Windows

One thing that winter is very good at is showing you that you need new windows. If you suffered with cold drafts and poorly insulated windows this winter, then make this the last winter you go through it. Get your windows replaced, and your home’s natural beauty will be instantly restored. You simply won’t believe how much more comfortable you’ll be inside, regardless of whether it’s snowing outside or 100-degrees and sweltering.

#4: Replace Your Gutters

Tired of spending your autumns on the ladder cleaning out the gutters? This spring, replace your old ineffective gutters with a modern, clog-free gutter system. With this type of gutter system on your home, you’ll be ready for spring’s showers without ever having to worry about debris getting in and clogging up your downspouts.

#5: Have a New Roof Installed

Everything under your roof is protected by, well, your roof. If your roof is showing signs of age or it has suffered some damage in the recent past, then spring is the best time to get it replaced. You don’t want to face spring’s tumultuous showers with a leak-prone roof because if water gets in, it can wind up costing you thousands. This simple fact alone is why getting a new roof is always one of the most popular spring renovation ideas with homeowners.

Transform Your Home With These Spring Home Makeover Ideas

At Thompson Creek, we offer a wide variety of home renovation services that are designed to restore the beauty, safety and functionality of your home. If you’re looking to have replacement windows installed, a new roof put on your home, new gutters or siding installed, then our highly skilled professionals can ensure your project gets done right, on time and on budget. To learn more about our spring home makeover services or to get a free estimate for your project, contact Thompson Creek today!