House and Shutter Color Combinations

House and Shutter Color Combinations

Does choosing a color scheme for your house’s exterior seem like an impossible task? With hundreds of color combinations and your home’s first impression at stake, it’s best you do your research before diving into such a big decision. We’ve compiled a list of what’s trending in house and shutter color combinations.

Neutral Territory

Exteriors that are timeless are always on trend. This year expect to see lots of warm off-whites and neutral tones. Benjamin Moore suggests building a house and shutter color combination that matches elements of the house like stone or brick elements that won’t change over time.

If you have stone siding, you may notice that there is no one color that compliments all the various shades of stone. To best compliment your siding, choose a tone that is a shade darker than the stone. If your siding is a darker tone, consider a deep brown or dark grey. If your siding is on the lighter side, a light grey or tan might suit you best.

Look Around

Take a walk around your neighborhood. You can get great siding and shutter color combination inspiration by seeing what works in your neighborhood. Draw from your home’s architectural style and setting.

Red brick siding is a timeless look for a suburban home. Pairing a dark or light color of brick with dark colored shutters, such as black or navy, will add depth to the front of your home. This contrast is sure to draw curb appeal.

A combination of light blue and navy will give your house a coastal feel. Pairing light blue siding with dark navy shutters creates contrast that can make your house stand out on your street as well as boost your curb appeal. Adding white trim and detailing will complete this breezy color scheme and make your house look elegant.

Sunny Disposition

If you’re looking for a bright, welcoming color for your home’s siding, yellow vinyl is the way to go. A pale yellow will create a sunshiny look that pairs best with a neutral shade of shutters. Yellow siding and cream shutters is the perfect balance to make your home stand out without too much eye-catching contrast.

Modern and Moody

A combination of white and light grey is soft and inviting and can be executed either way between shutters and siding. Light grey shutters compliment a classic white house to give a sense of elegance with a modern twist. Vice versa, crisp white shutters would add the perfect pop of brightness to grey siding.

Green is another siding and shutter color trend that can work with any number of color palettes. Sherwin William offers its Evergreen Fog as the 2022 Color of the Year and it is versatile enough to be used in the interior or exterior of your home.

Before you consider a color scheme, you should make sure your siding is installed to last. Thompson Creek offers the best siding and installation by experts that is insured to withstand the test of time. Visit our website for a free estimate on your next home improvement project.