How Much Does Door Installation Cost?

How Much Does Door Installation Cost?

The doors of your home each have their own personality. Your stately front door welcomes visitors; your sturdy door to the garage is the one you use to bring in the groceries, and the scratched-up back door that lets the family dog in and out.

No matter the material or the purpose, your doors are important for safety, security, energy efficiency, and curbside appeal. When any one of them is failing in any of those areas, it’s time to replace it. But, just how much does it cost to replace a door? That all depends on the type of replacement door and the cost to install that door to make sure it is a perfect fit.

Here are the factors that go into determining how much it will cost to replace a door in your home.

Material of Door

The material used to construct a door can make a big difference in the price of the door and its installation cost. It can also affect the options when it comes to style and durability. Essentially you can choose from three basic materials for your exterior doors: wood, fiberglass and steel.

What Does A Wood Door Replacement Cost?

A replacement door made from wood is popular option because the material can be cut to any shape and size needed. Plus wood doors can accommodate glass accents, transoms or carvings for a personal preference. Wood doors can be susceptible to the elements and warp more easily however.

An interior door can cost from $40-$200 depending on whether the door is hollow or . The cost can creep up depending on the size of the door. Custom door sizes or a unique style that includes embossing would increase the cost. Standard plain interior doors are relatively inexpensive with most coming in at the $40 mark.

Exterior solid wood doors can cost up to $20,000 depending on the number of glass accents or decorative cuts. If your exterior door is on the plain side then you are luck. Plain exterior doors are one of your least expensive exterior replacement doors. If you have a flair for the fancy, get ready to pay more for it. Decorative cuts with beveled edging or curves increase the production cost. Doors with glass inserts are going to drive up cost as well caming on the glass. Caming refers to the process where cut pieces of glass are joined together. Caming comes in different finishes to blend with your exterior door hardware.

fiberglass door

What Does a Fiberglass Replacement Door Cost?

Fiberglass doors offer durability and an insulated core which can offer additional energy efficiency and save money in the long term. Fiberglass doors can range from $8,000 to $10,000.  Adding a glass package and hardware options can drive the cost up to as much of $20,000 depending on the grade of the fiberglass used in the door.

The Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value report shows the National Average to replace a fiberglass grand entrance is $8,994.  This report also shows the average resale value of this project as $6,469, so you can recoup 71.9% of the cost of the project when you sell your home.

What Does a Steel Replacement Door Cost?

The most secure choice in door material, standard steel doors about $2,000 to install or replace an entry steel door. Steel doors also come with an insulated core to create a thermal barrier making them more energy efficient. The addition of glass and sidelights are what increase the cost.

Door Hardware Costs

There are lots of common hardware parts and parts like the handles and knobs that are personal preference.

Knobs can add anywhere from $10 to $300 depending on what you choose. There is a wide array on the market from simple keyed knobs to smart locks.

Hinges are nominal in cost running up to $30. Upgraded hinges can add less than $250 to the price of the job. Hinges vary in finish, size and style. There are a variety of finishes to match other hardware and the style of the home from brushed gold to brushed nickel. The size of the hinge is determined by the weight on the door. The style is most often a choice of corner styles between radius and square.

Jambs are custom to the door and include routing and holes drilled for hardware at a cost of up to $250. Here again style makes a difference in cost. Door jambs can come in different finishes that come with different costs. Older homes may require an adjustment to correct areas that are off plumb which can increase the labor costs.

How Much Does Door Installation Cost?

The cost to install a door depends on whether it requires a new door frame and whether it is an interior or exterior door.

How Much Does Door Installation Cost With A Framing Job?

If your door needs to be framed as well as installed, the cost for installation can be as much as $2,000. Framing job costs vary depending on whether the wall where it is going is a load bearing one and if there are utilities that have to be moved or rerouted.

If you need a wall re-framed because the existing frame is damaged or undersized, that will add to the price. Reframing an exterior door will also require siding, insulation and electrical rewriting. Be prepared for an additional cost for that work.

If the home is older, new door sizes may not fit in the prescribed existing opening.

How Much Does Install Installation In an Existing Frame Cost?

If your frame is in good shape, many replacement doors come as pre-hung door units.

Doors that are simply replacing doors that are already there of the same size will likely just cost the price of the door since installation is fairly simple. For interior doors that means a price of about $30 to $150. Exterior doors range from $300 to more than $1,500 depending on material, style and any glass included.

Hiring a Professional to Install Your Door

When it comes to selecting the right door, the proper component and hanging it correctly, the task is much more difficult that it appears. Interior installations can be done by the homeowner who is meticulous about measuring and skilled so that the door swings evenly and smoothly.

Professionals are most often needed for exterior installations to ensure the opening is sealed properly, keeping it energy efficient and keeping moisture from infiltrating the door unit.

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