How to Childproof Windows

How to Childproof Windows

Children are inquisitive, and sometimes the desire to try things and inspect things can lead them into trouble. If you’re a parent, you’ll likely have spent a lot of time childproofing various parts of your home. You may be wondering how to childproof windows to stop fingers from getting caught or stop a small child from climbing out of the window into harm’s way.

Each year, about 12 children under the age of 10 die from falling out of a window. Thousands more are injured. Taking some simple precautions to babyproof windows may save your child’s life.

Childproofing Windows

Childproofing windows may require several precautions, depending on the type of windows you have and how they open. For example, to baby proof casement windows, you may want to remove the crank mechanism. Alternatively, you could simply keep all windows that are within a child’s reach locked at all times.

Some other useful precautions include:

Fit Childproof Window Locks

Swap the simple locks on your window for a more childproof design to stop a toddler from opening the window when you’re not watching. Childproof locks are fitted on the inside of the windows and are easy for adults to operate in an emergency, but prevent children (or pets) from accidentally opening the window.

Install Window Guards

If you want to keep the window open for fresh air, but are worried about your child crawling out of the window or climbing up onto the ledge, fit a mesh window guard. This lets you have fresh air while reducing the risk of accidents.

Window guards can be fitted to almost any size of window and are an inexpensive safety device. Note that guards are not completely infallible, and it’s best to keep sofas, chairs and other furniture away from windows so children aren’t tempted to climb up to the windowsill.

It’s good practice to keep your home free from clutter and to avoid having handles or cords hanging down from shelves. Children trying to pull items off shelves or countertops is another common source of injury.

Use Stoppers to Protect Little Fingers

Windows slamming shut is a common cause of injury for kids and adults. Fit stoppers to catch the window when it drops. Suction-based stoppers are inexpensive and easy to install and remove as required.

Make Sure Your Blinds Are Childproof Too

Another often-overlooked cause of accidents is window blinds. Toddlers sometimes like to play with the long pull cords on blinds, and they can be a strangulation risk. If possible, replace your blinds with cordless ones. Alternatively, make sure the cords are wrapped up out of reach of your child when not in use.

Now you know how to childproof a window, take a look around at some other parts of your home. Have you covered sharp corners and open plug sockets? There are many things that can cause accidents around the home.

Older windows are more likely to have loose shoes or poorly designed locks. If you’re renovating your property in preparation for a new arrival in the family, consider updating your windows. Thompson Creek’s casement windows are stylish, energy-efficient and easy to operate. Contact us for a no-obligation quote for windows for your home.