How to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement

How to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement

You’ve chosen your new window replacements and have a new window installation date to get the job done. Now what? Discover the 8 important steps you should take when preparing for your home for window replacements with Thompson Creek.

Often times in less than a day your home’s window replacement project will be completed, but the process can be made more efficient if you take the following steps to properly prepare your home for installation day!

Call an Expert

At Thompson Creek, we provide an all-around service to help you pick out your windows, discuss your home’s needs and provide information on installation. A good first place to start would be to call an expert at (240) 580-2521 with any questions you may have regarding the process.

Clear the Way for Installers

Before installation begins clear the walkway and area around your windows. Installers need about two feet in front of each window to get their work done. Bay or bow windows will require a larger area for installers to work, so it’s a good idea to connect with your window installer prior to your window replacement installation date so you know how much access they will need.

Your window installers will most likely be bringing heavy equipment with them, so it is a nice gesture to make sure they have plenty of room to walk without risk of injury. Take stock of your plants and shrubs that might be blocking safe access to your windows. Simple pruning can help create the space needed for the window installation work.

Remove Wall hangings and Window Treatments

In addition to clearing the walkway area, it is also important to protect your wall decor from damage. There is a good chance there will be some vibrations in the walls during installation. It is best to remove anything hanging beforehand to prevent any falling or breaking due to the vibrations. At the very least you should remove any wall hangings close to the windows being replaced.

Disarm your alarm

Avoid a false alarm call from your home security company by having that company deactivate any alarms attached to windows or doors being replaced. It’s a good idea to turn the alarm off completely during the window installation project. Schedule in advance a time with your home security company to come out and disarm your alarm prior to installation.  You should also schedule a time for your alarm company to come back after the window replacement project is complete to rearm your alarm, so your home isn’t unprotected for longer than necessary.  Window replacement companies are not alarm experts and removal of your alarm prior to installation and installing your alarm after installation should be done by your alarm company.

Clear paperwork

Because your windows will be completely removed for periods of time during the replacement window installation process, it’s a good idea to gather personal items that might blow around by gusts of wind.

Keep a safe distance from the installation process

Installers will likely be working with ladders and heavy equipment that might be interesting to young children but could be dangerous. Restrict access to the installation area to keep children and the installers safe. Same goes for curious pets who could get underfoot of the installers or frightened by the activity.

Protect Furniture

In addition to these DIY steps, your reputable installers should also do some preliminary steps of their own before beginning installation. Your contractor will lay down some cloth to protect your flooring and any other delicate furniture from dust or damage. If you want anything specific covered, it is best to discuss this beforehand with your contractor.

Provide a Staging Area

Installers will likely set up their equipment, unload their trucks and stage products at the front of your home or in your driveway. Talk with your installer about the most convenient and protected area to stage the window replacement project materials for easiest access.

Congratulations on making the important investment in long-lasting, energy efficient replacement windows! Preparing your home for window replacement installation day can help to complete the process quickly and safely. Before you know it, you will be sitting back enjoying the benefits of your new windows! Our Thompson Creek experts can talk you through the entire window replacement process from selecting the right windows for your home to getting your home ready for installation. Call today and get started!