Is a Window Required in a Bedroom?

Is a Window Required in a Bedroom?

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. But even a sanctuary has rules. And while you doze in the dark, you still must have a window to officially call the room of your dreams a bedroom.

States have guidelines that clarify what can officially be considered a bedroom. Often times the definition and requirements define a bedroom vary even more by municipal jurisdictions. In some cases, local jurisdictions require a closet, a specific ceiling height, heating and ventilation sources or a certain square footage. However, overwhelmingly local and state requirements include a window as a requirement to define a space as a bedroom

The International Building Code requires every bedroom contains at least one egress window that is 5.7 square feet, at least 20 inches wide by 24 inches high with an opening no higher than 44 inches from the floor. Style, design and color are up to the homeowner, however the window must be operable so window options like picture windows do not satisfy the requirement.

How you choose to use your space is totally up to you. Aside from legal reasons, there are many practical reasons for including a window in your bedroom.

Top Reasons to Have a Bedroom Window:

Fire Safety

A bedroom must have two exits in case of emergency, such as a fire. Aside from a bedroom door, a window is the most common second emergency exit. It is absolutely essential to have proper carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in place. A window can provide a lifesaving purpose in case of emergency.

Mental Health

There are many studies that report that natural light can uplift your mood and improve for your overall mental health. A window is the most practical way to bring natural light into a room. Fresh air is also a good way to boost your mood, so consider spending time in your bedroom with the windows cracked open.

Resale Value

Since technically a room cannot be considered a bedroom without a window, a realtor may be hesitant to list it as one when reselling your home. The room may need to be classified as something else officially even if it does end up being used as a bedroom by the buyer. If you are looking to sell in the near future, adding a bedroom with a window could greatly increase your home’s value.

Whether it’s for safety reasons, decorative reasons or resale value, Thompson Creek professionals provide the best advice on where to install your window and how to get started. Visit our website for a free quote today and get started on converting that dark room into your newest guest room.