Signs Your Home is Outdated

Signs Your Home is Outdated

With so many fashion trends going in and out of style yearly, monthly and even weekly, it can be hard to tell if your home’s style is keeping with the times. Not only could strain your relationship with your more fashionable guests, it could actually decrease your home’s resale value. There are a few key styles that used to come standard with every home, but should probably be renovated immediately if you’re looking to put your home on the market or keep up with the times! 

If you bought your house a while ago, and haven’t done much renovation, look for these key signs of your home is outdated. 

Glass Block Windows  

A huge trend in the 80’s, glass blocks will make your home look more like a fishbowl than a trendy living space. Not only does it let in way less natural light compared to a standard window, but they are usually placed near entryways, which can be an immediate turnoff for potential buyers. Replacing these with a large picture window will add more natural light and bring your home into the twentieth century.  If you’re looking for privacy, you can replace glass blocks with a window that includes obscure glass. 

Patterned Wallpaper 

This is one of the easiest renovations you can do while making the biggest change in appearance. Tearing down that dated wallpaper and painting your walls a neutral shade will make your home more appealing to buyers and help them envision their own decorated space. Patterns make it harder to furnish and decorate since not many pieces pair well. By getting rid of a patterned wall, you leave more room for creative furniture and wall decorations to spruce up your living space.   

Textured Ceilings 

Textured ceilings used to come standard on any home, but they have been banished from interior design trends and deemed a key sign of an outdated home. Chances are, if a buyer sees a popcorn or cottage cheese ceiling, they’re going to envision the amount of time and money they’ll have to put into remodeling. Textured ceilings also add shadows and give the appearance of lower ceilings, which is the opposite of what most buyers are looking for. 

Excess Carpeting 

Ditching your carpeting for hardwood floors is another easy way to add to your home’s value and even lower its maintenance requirements. Carpeting can show signs of wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas, and can look permanently dirty. Hardwood is much easier to clean, and you can still add an accent rug to give the comfortable feel of carpet without the hassle. Another trend that was prominent in the 1990’s that should be burned at the stake is carpeting in your bathrooms. It’s unsanitary, outdated and unnecessary.  


Floor to ceiling mirrors used to be a tool to give the feel of a larger space. Now they just look dated. Window treatments installed closer to the ceiling trim can help to extend the height of a room. Replacing small window with a large picture windows can also make a space feel bigger. 

Long-lasting features like windows and doors are great investments that will withstand the test of time and stay in style for years to come. Visit our website to browse products for your next home renovation project and see why Thompson Creek products and installation by our experts are the highest quality in the industry.