Private Glass Options and Applications

Private Glass Options and Applications

Glass windows, doors, and walls allow a greater amount of natural light to filter into and through a home, but they also mean that people can see into spaces where you might want a greater degree of privacy. Learn more about how glass allows for the benefits of natural light while helping to maintain privacy.

What is privacy glass?

Privacy glass is a type of glass that manufacturers dye with a dark pigment at the factory. They often tint the inner glass of the back windows for the sake of security but leave the front windows and windscreen to let drivers see properly. Most privacy glass is measured for visible light transmission and lacks high heat rejection properties. Privacy glasses are often used in cars owned by top executives or families. You can tint your windows with a third party and it costs between $278 to $413.

  • Translucent glass

It is a form of privacy glass that lets light into your home or car but gives a blurred image of what is inside to someone standing outside. This is because manufacturers either acid-etch or sandblast clear glass to give it a frosted appearance. They can also use vinyl film to get the frosted look.

  • Textured glass

Manufacturers etch a decorative design into the pane that allows light into any space but makes it impossible for someone to see from the other end.

  • Smoked Glass

It is clear glass that is tinted a dark color to enhance privacy. However, it does not blur images, the darkness just makes it difficult to see through.

  • Colored glass

This is clear glass that is tinted with a given color to enhance privacy. It lets in natural light, however, the light that is reflected on the surface takes the color of the glass.

  • Leadlights

It is a combination of pieces of plain or textured, clear or colored glass that manufacturers use lead frames to enclose. The frames and the union of glasses cause an obscure view.

  • Glass bricks

These are glass block bricks that are decorative, let in natural light, and help to maintain privacy with their visual texture.

  • Switchable Privacy Glass

This type of privacy glass lets you choose when you want to have clear glass and when you want it opaque. It uses a high form of technology to switch from one to the other.

  • Obscure glass

Obscure glass is a preferred option of privacy glass as it allows light through while blocking any views of the interior of your home. This is a great option for those who desire privacy but would not want to eliminate light penetration.

Application of Privacy Glass

  1. Leadlights and textured glass give your home a classy look and add a touch of elegance to your home. It will look like a modern-day heritage home.
  2. Privacy glass protects your car and house from the prying eyes of thieves and other such hoodlums since they cannot see what is inside.
  3. You can use privacy glass to protect your furniture and fabric from fading due to long-term exposure to UV light.
  4. Glass bricks are not only pleasant to the eyes but also save energy reduce noise and act as insulators.
  5. You can use privacy glass for car and home windows, doors, and even to design outstanding brand logos.

Learn More About Obscure Glass for Your Home

At Thompson Creek, we offer high quality, obscure privacy glass, available with double pane and triple pane glass packages. Obscure glass or “privacy glass” has a pattern embedded into its surface, making it difficult for to see through. We recommended obscure glass for your home office, bathroom windows, or any other private rooms. Call us today to let our experts help you decide on the best obscure glass package for you home.