Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Warmer weather and sunshine are good reasons to be excited for summer, but is your house ready to endure the heat, humidity and bugs that come with the season? Follow this checklist of preventative maintenance to do around the house to prevent damage during summer’s heat and storms. 


The most likely source of hot air entering your home is through your windows. It is important to inspect your windows for cracks or leaks in the insulation. If you do happen to find holes in your insulation, apply a narrow strip of caulk along the seams.  

If you notice draftiness in your home, it may not only be due to inefficient sealing. Windows have a certain lifespan until they start to deteriorate and let in outside air and UV rays. After about 20 years you should consider replacing your windows unless you have Thompson Creek windows. Replacing all windows at once is a good way to ensure all your windows will have about the same lifespan, as well as the same updated look.  


It’s also important to make sure your siding is ready to withstand the heat and the downpours that can come with summer. Inspect your siding for any signs of rotting and deterioration. If you do find a small crack in your siding, it can be sealed with filler. If the hole is larger than the size of a quarter, it is more beneficial to replace your siding. New siding will give your home proper insulation, protection from the elements and an added perk of curb appeal. Think of it as your summer rain gear. 


If your exterior doors are a source of draftiness and even water entering your home, start by checking your weatherstripping around the sides and top of your door. If there is a gap between your door and your door frame when the door is closed, this is a sign you need new weatherstripping. Installation is an easy DIY project that will create noticeable improvement in the insulation of your home. If your exterior door is compromised by water or insects, it’s time to replace that door with a strong, energy-efficient one. 


Gutters can take center stage during summer, directing the water from those pop-up storms away from your home. Now is the time to clean and inspect your gutters so they are ready to handle the task. If your gutters are damaged or pulling away from your home or you are ready to spend your weekend relaxing instead of clearing out debris from your gutters, upgrade now to Thompson Creek gutter system.   


Having repairs and maintenance done to your roof in the springtime before the scalding heat kicks in is practical for both you and your contractor. Since you can’t see your rooftop from the ground, and it’s unsafe to be on the roof without proper precautions, have your roof inspected for any damage or deterioration by a professional. They can determine if there are any leaks or inefficiency in your insulation, and help you make repairs before any damage worsens. 

It’s always a good time to do preventative maintenance and key home renovations, especially during a season of mild weather. There’s nothing worse than being hot in your home while waiting for repairs. Be proactive and inspect your doors, windows, siding, and your roof as a part of your pre-summer planning. Our Thompson Creek professionals can help you get your home in shape for summer so you can do what summer’s made for- relax!