Type of Bay Windows

Type of Bay Windows

Home design trends can be fickle; what is popular one year might be completely out of place within a few year or less. But there are some home design trends that transcend the notion of temporary fads and become permanent mainstays in the architectural and design world. Bay windows are one such trend that have been around for centuries due to their elegance, practicality, and both practical and aesthetic benefits.

If you want to know more about bay windows, carefully consider the following guide to the most common types of bay windows available today.

Types of Bay Windows Guide

There are several notable bay window types that are popular in modern homes. Technically speaking, the types of bay windows available over the years has not changed all that much. The types of bay windows that you will find today may range in material or size, but most homes with bay windows will fall into one of the four most common types of bay windows categories:

Oriel Bay Windows

Oriel windows are considered the most traditional type of bay window style. They are the oldest type of bay window around; these windows can be found as early as the Renaissance period. Oriel bay windows are popular because of their potential for striking aesthetics, as these windows often feature decorative wood, stone, or other features along the exterior bottom. They can be built on any floor of a home or building.

Choose this type if: You are looking for a more dramatic, elegant window or if you want a bay window on a higher floor.

Canted Bay Windows (Classic Modern Bay Window)

A canted bay window is essentially the classic modern bay window. These bay window types feature a flat front with dual sides at an angle. These types of windows are meant for the first level of homes or commercial buildings, so you won’t find them on second, third, etc, floors.

Choose this type if: You want a large bay window that will let in lots of natural light on the first floor.

Box (Canted) Bay Windows

Box bay windows are a variation on the classic canted bay window. A box bay window has dual windows angled at 90 degrees, creating a “box” shape compared to the traditional canted bay window. These types of windows are not considered as a “window replacement” project, as they are built into the structure of a home.

Choose this type if: You want a bay window with a sleeker, contemporary style, and are considering reconstruction.

A final note on overall style: Different types of bay windows may be configured in almost any style (I.e, Victorian, Tudor, contemporary, etc); however, if you are looking at historical homes, you are more likely to find Victorian or Tudor rather than more modern bay windows.

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