What Are Single Hung Windows?

What Are Single Hung Windows?

If you’re in the market for new windows, then you are probably surprised by how many different types of windows there are to choose from. Single hung windows represent the most popular types of windows among builders and homeowners, and for one major reason. In this guide, you’ll learn more about single hung windows, how to tell them apart from double hung windows, and the pros and cons of having them installed on your home.

What Exactly Is a Single Hung Window?

Single hung windows feature a bottom sash, or panel, that moves vertically. The upper sash never moves; it remains fixed. When the window is open, the bottom sash slides up and partially obstructs the upper sash.

Single hung windows look like double hung windows, but in a double hung window, both the upper and lower sashes can be opened.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are popular among builders and homeowners looking to have their windows replaced primarily because this type of window is more affordable than most other window types. In fact, a single hung window costs about 20% less than a double hung window. When you’re talking about replacing all the windows in a house, this savings can really add up. That being said, a single hung window is not always the best choice for every situation that might come up within a home.

Disadvantages of Single Hung Windows

While more often than not, single-hung windows cost less than most other types of windows, they do have some limitations. For instance, they can be harder to clean because the panes can’t be tilted. This is especially a problem when the windows are installed on a home’s upper floors.

Plus, airflow can be restricted by the fixed upper sash in a single hung window. Because of this, single hung windows are not necessarily the best choice in rooms that require good ventilation, like bathrooms or kitchens. In these rooms, casement or awning windows are usually a better choice for homeowners looking to replace their windows.

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Despite their limitations, single hung windows are an affordable option for improving both the look and energy efficiency of your home. When you are looking to replace all or most of your windows, the savings you gain from choosing this type of window can be substantial, so cost always needs to be considered.

If you are interested in having your windows replaced, then make sure you contact Thompson Creek today. We can custom design, build, and install your new replacement windows. All our products are custom made using only the highest quality materials, so you’re guaranteed windows that perform just as good as they look, year after year. To learn more, contact the window experts at Thompson Creek and get a free estimate for your new windows today.