What Are Slider Windows?

What Are Slider Windows?


Slider windows have a long history, dating back as far as the 1700s. They’ve been a stalwart of window design for centuries because they offer both an unobstructed, wide-open view of the outdoors, and the ability to open the window to allow fresh air in.

If you are looking to have new windows installed or old windows replaced, then slider windows can be an excellent option, and they should be a consideration. In this guide, you’ll learn more about slider windows, including how they work and the types of benefits you can expect to enjoy when you choose the best slider windows you can afford.

How Do Slider Windows Work?

A slider window opens from side to side, with most models able to open from either the left or the right side. This type of window is often likened to a double-hung window installed on its side. Because the window opens horizontally instead of up or down, it takes very little effort to open and close.

Benefits of the Best Slider Windows

Slider windows feature just one bar that runs down the center of the window. This allows the window to provide an expansive and largely unrestricted view of the outdoors.

Another benefit is that the best slider windows can easily be customized for your home. For instance, if you need windows to fit a larger space, you can install a large picture window with two slider windows on either side. This maximizes your view while also providing plenty of airflow.

Slider windows are also renowned for their low maintenance needs. The fact that they feature fewer moving parts means there’s less that can go wrong with them. With no springs or pulleys, slider windows are more durable than most other types of windows, and most feature window glazing to improve insulation and energy efficiency.

What Home Styles Are Best Suited for Slider Windows?

Slider windows are a great selection, regardless of the home’s architecture. In fact, they are just as suitable on mid-century moderns and ranches as they are on colonials and art deco homes. Sliders are one of the few window types that are compatible with a wide variety of home styles. They’re also ideal for any room in the house, but they tend to work best in rooms where they can be easily accessed and opened to let in fresh air.

Get the Best Slider Windows From Thompson Creek Window Company

Does your home need new windows? Depending on your wants and needs, slider windows may be the perfect solution. At Thompson Creek Window Company, our in-house craftsmen will custom fabricate slider windows specifically for your home. Everything from taking measurements to installing the windows is done by our experienced professionals, so you’re guaranteed windows that look and work beautifully. And, everything is backed by our no-hassle warranty.

At Thompson Creek, we use only the best materials available to create beautiful, energy-efficient windows that are designed for your home. To learn more about our replacement window options or for a free estimate on your sliding windows, contact a Thompson Creek window expert today.