Why Vinyl Windows Are Best for the Heat

Why Vinyl Windows Are Best for the Heat

Mid-Atlantic summers come in hot and often times the heat is turned on like a switch. Do you have the best windows for a hot climate? Are your windows prepared to be the energy efficient partner your home needs? Check out how to make sure you have the right windows for your Mid-Atlantic home. 

Vinyl windows are very popular in hot climates – and for good reason. Unlike wood, which is prone to warping and decaying with repetitive sun exposure, vinyl windows are designed to hold strong against the sun’s rays. With built-in color, vinyl material is resistant to fading and will stay vibrant through the hottest season. Vinyl windows also have many other benefits such as: 

  • Durable – Vinyl is weather resistant and very durable compared to other window materials, which can crack and peel 
  • Sound Reduction – Vinyl windows help to block outside noises thanks to their insulating factors. This will keep your home peaceful, quiet and free of noise pollution.  
  • Recyclable – Vinyl windows are made of a man-made material that can be recycled, so if you’re looking to go green, vinyl is a good choice.  
  • Low maintenance – All you need to do to maintain your vinyl windows is regular cleanings with soap and water. There is no repainting or finishing necessary to keep your windows shiny and bright.  
  • Insulating Glass Packages- Vinyl windows that use double pane glass can help keep your Mid-Atlantic home cooler in the summer because they insulate your home against the heat. Between each pane various gases create the insulation properties so they help lower your cooling costs. 
  • Low-E Glass- Low-emissivity or low-e glass is a great addition to vinyl windows in a hot climate. This thin coating reflects heat away from the window’s surface keeping the heat out in the summer and helps reduce the amount of ultraviolet radiation entering your home. 

Why Thompson Creek Vinyl Windows are Superior 

At Thompson Creek’s we have a large selection of vinyl windows in order to ensure that you choose the best fit for you. Our experts will install your vinyl replacement windows with precision and quality, including our No-Hassle warranty to assure protection for up to 50 years. We provide protection on both the product and the installation because that’s how confident we are that our service is exceptional. Additionally, when the installation is through, we guarantee we will leave your home just as clean as it was before.  

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We know what it takes to have best Mid-Atlantic windows because we live here too. Thompson Creek’s local Maryland factory designs and builds the best vinyl windows to handle our rollercoaster Mid-Atlantic weather.