Window & Door Color Options

Window & Door Color Options

While there are plenty of window color options, not all of them may be suitable for your home. Choosing the right colors makes a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal and external aesthetics, so it’s important to determine the perfect shade for your windows and doors.  

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a window color for the exterior of your home.  

Your Current Exterior Color Scheme  

Focusing on your existing color scheme narrows your window color options and brings cohesion and uniformity to the exterior design. For example, you can consider a contrasting muted color for the window frames and main door if you have a warm color palette. You can also go for a muted pastel on the door for a pop of color. 

Trending Exterior Colors  

If you are stuck on how to choose the right color for replacement windows, try looking into modern trends. Lean more towards subtle shades that blend well with nature instead of creating a stark contrast with color hues that are too vibrant. Contemporary styles like these can add more value to your property while giving it a fresh look and feel:  

  • Nature-inspired palette: This trend leans toward window color options in warm, earthy tones and organic hues. 
  • Natural hues: These can give a clear-cut look to modern homes using deep blues, grays, and browns as well as vibrant greens and warm whites.  
  • Bold and black: Many homeowners choose bold black or charcoal black window frames and entry doors to complement dark and moody exteriors. 
  • Contemporary white: Nuanced whites tend to pair well with deep, dark window frames and doors. 

How the Window and Door Frame Material Influence Your Window Color Options 

Wooden Window Frames  

The natural staining on wooden frames creates an undertone that influences your color choice. Traditional houses do well with neutral, muted color tones in the gray, green, and brown spectrum. If you have a modern home, you can choose from more contemporary color sets like earth tones, blacks, and warm whites. 

Overall, neutral greens, neutral blues, and russet reds go well with wooden doors and windows because they blend with a variety of stains and give a pleasant contrast to the exterior wall color. If you are into a more modern exterior design, choose a monochromatic black for your exterior walls and frames. You can also opt for deep browns and greens to compliment the nature surrounding your home.  

Vinyl Window Frames  

Vinyl frames can accommodate all colors. Current trendy window color options for vinyl frames include basic, neutral, and jewel tones. Off-whites, creams, tans, and browns also flourish here. 

Fiberglass Window Frames  

Fiberglass frames have plenty of window color options. Brown tones work well with earth-toned exteriors. Opt for black if you want to especially highlight your windows.  

Consider Your Exterior Space  

If your home’s landscape is lush and green, choose earthy colors for your windows to complement the surrounding nature. Monochromatic black windows and doors or dark, moody exterior walls also go well with plants and greenery. On the other hand, if you live in arid areas, warm sepia tones are the perfect exterior colors for doors and window frames. 

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