Top Window Grid Styles Trending Now

Top Window Grid Styles Trending Now

Choosing the right window grid styles can be a great way to bring out the unique look of your home while adding a new eye-catching design element. Whether you want to go modern, traditional, simple, or stylized, considering the pattern of your replacement windows can make a big difference. Learn about the top trending window grid patterns below.

Why Window Grid Styles Matter

Window grid patterns are one of the few home design elements that you can see inside and out. They impact both your curb appeal and your day-to-day environment. Plus, since there are so many design options available, there’s a unique style out there for everyone. If you’re not sure where to begin, talking to a professional about custom windows for your home is a good first step.

Top Trending Window Grid Styles

You might be surprised at just how many window grid patterns are out there. We encourage you to find a unique look that fits your home, but if you want to start simple, consider one of these patterns.


A colonial grid pattern is probably what you think of when you imagine a classic window grid. Both the top and bottom half of the window are divided into six equal rectangles, making for a classic and versatile look that fits many styles. You can also consider going half-colonial, where the bottom half of the window is left undivided by grilles.


Prairie window grids have been around a while, and many home designers think they’re making a comeback. Composed of four long grilles arranged around the perimeter of each half of the window, they allow you to get a clear view in and out, while elegantly framing the glass. They’re a good choice for anyone who appreciates an old-fashioned yet refined look.


If you’re looking for something a little different, the French window grid can be a unique option to try. This style includes window grilles on the left and right side of the glass, split down the middle for a simple, classic look. It incorporates some of the design elements from both colonial and prairie window grids, making for a good compromise between the two.

See What Else is Out There

There is a whole world of window grid styles to choose from, with some that incorporate diagonal or curved lines and others that break up your windows into intricate patterns. You can also consider incorporating any of these styles into sliding glass doors or bay windows for even more customization. While going simple can be a good place to start, an experienced window installation professional can help you find a unique look that suits your style perfectly.

Window Grid Patterns to Fit Your Unique Look

If you’re still not sure what window grid pattern to choose, we have you covered. Whether you have your heart set on a particular style or are still considering the options, getting in touch with a window specialist at Thompson Creek is a good first step. We can match your grid style with the right color and material for a custom look that will draw out your home’s uniqueness. Get in touch today to learn more.