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Is Your Home Chilly? You Might Have Drafty Windows

Window with warped panes

Drafty Windows in Your Home Can Make It Freezing!

Nobody likes having cold air coming in during the winter months. It’s uncomfortable, and worst of all, it means your energy bills are going up. The root cause of drafty windows is typically an improper installation. Gaps of all sizes between the window and the frame have an impact on home comfort. Luckily, a professional installer can make sure the windows fit plumb in the opening.

It is easy to see if your windows are losing heat by holding a candle nearby and watching if the flame moves. Consequently many drafty windows also feel cold to the touch. Aging wood windows can warp and allow air to seep in.

It’s typical when experiencing a drafty window to consider a short term fix. Many homeowners choose to block the air escaping with heavy blinds. Unfortunately, this blocks the light coming in through the windows. It makes more sense to go to the source and fix the windows that are seeping cold air into the house.

Some Drafty House Solutions

Sometimes added insulation behind the framing improves drafty windows. But, windows that are drafty where the individual panes meet may be aging. Newer replacement windows are designed to be more energy efficient. They are also manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technologies and materials. Replacement windows will make your home more comfortable. This will save you money on utility bills by having energy efficient windows.

It is hard to give a blanket estimate on the cost of having inefficient windows. When a window becomes drafty, your home heating system must work harder to heat the same area. This costs more money and is not energy efficient. This won’t happen with a replacement window from a trusty source. Our customers tell us time and again that their replacement windows are more efficient than their original windows.

Customer Testimonial

We love our new windows and doors -- the look, the functionality, and the practicality! During our recent warm spells we've been able to turn off our heat entirely and leave it off several days -- without the house cooling down uncomfortably overnight. A first for a February. We also had exterior work done (cladding), and love the look. The installation crews were great to work with -- professional, efficient, and polite. Every time we talk about any part of the whole project, we end up saying that we can't recommend Thompson Creek highly enough.

-Gayle Clifton, Silver Spring MD