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Buying Local

Brand new windows don’t just make your home look better — they can also make your home more energy efficient and lower your utility bills. The right custom-made windows are weathertight and block noise, so you stay comfortable in every season. If you’re trying to sell your house, new windows add curb appeal, too.

Many homeowners work with family-owned door and window manufacturers rather than big-name national companies. Local businesses, such as Thompson Creek, design and manufacture windows that are constructed for your climate. When you buy your windows locally, you not only support your local economy but also the skilled workers living in your area.

Local manufacturers provide great value to your finances because they cut out the middleman by producing windows in house. If you have maintenance questions, you can get savvy advice from a knowledgeable person at your local window company. In contrast, big manufacturers are usually only available remotely.

In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of buying local, and then we’ll talk about the differences between big-box companies and small businesses. Finally, we’ll reveal some of the biggest benefits of custom-made windows from Thompson Creek.

Why Buy Local?

Buying locally isn’t just convenient — it’s responsible and eco-friendly, too. When you shop locally, you help build the economy in your immediate area and support family, friends, and workers who depend upon it. Also, windows made locally aren’t shipped across the country — or internationally — so they create less of a carbon footprint. 

People who source products locally make their communities more profitable and vibrant. To show their appreciation, your local window company offers excellent customer service skills, and they’re approachable, too. Here are seven other reasons to stick to a local manufacturer for windows. 


Knowledgeable Employees:Three white Thompson Creek windows in living room

Thompson Creek’s knowledgeable employees are well trained and know exactly what they’re doing. They treat your home with care, and they make sure that your new windows look and function perfectly before leaving. If you have any maintenance questions after installation, our local window installers are easy to find and eager to help.

Windows Made for Specific Climates:

Local window manufacturers like Thompson Creek know all about the Mid-Atlantic climate. They know how to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable and which features will benefit you on a year-round basis. When you choose a local installer, you’ll get custom-made windows that last decades, no matter the weather.

No Middlemen Involved:

Some big-box window and door companies buy vacuum-sealed glass components, vinyl extrusions, and other premade parts. Others purchase complete units from third-party manufacturers overseas. When businesses produce windows locally and sell directly to the consumer, they cut out the middleman — and you save money.

Energy Efficient Products:Man working with drill on Thompson Creek window

Locally manufactured windows are energy efficient because they’re made to match local conditions. Custom windows are constructed to retain heat in the winter and allow air circulation in the summer. Specifications vary depending on whether you live in a temperate zone or a harsher climate — Thompson Creek windows, for instance, are made specifically for the Mid-Atlantic climate.

Product Variety & Custom Orders:

When you buy windows locally, you gain a lot of control over the creative process. Here at Thompson Creek, we custom create windows for your home. We measure all the openings in your house — even unusual shapes — at the consultation stage. Then, we let you choose from a wide range of attractive window styles, colors, and finishes.

Faster & More Professional Installation:

Local window companies manage everything in house. Every part of the design process, from the initial quote to the design mockup, flows through a central hub in your local area. Windows are made locally, too, so you don’t need to wait months for them to come in. Efficient, professional installation comes as standard when you order from a local window company.

Buying Local Helps the Community:

When you buy custom-made windows from a local manufacturer, you invest in the local economy. Healthy local economies help small towns thrive. Even better, when local businesses grow, they create jobs — so when you shop locally, you support your neighbors directly. 

Big Box vs. Small Business

Some consumers buy prefab windows from big-box stores, assuming they represent value for money. Because they’re mass produced, big-name windows aren’t always as well made as custom windows — and they’re not necessarily less expensive, either. 

Windows sold at well-known big-box stores are sometimes made overseas and shipped to a distributor before being sold to the store. In other words, middlemen make a lot of money along the way. Finally, big-box windows are installed by subcontractors, so quality can take a hit.

Thompson creek employee working on window in factory

How Are Windows Sold at Thompson Creek?

The Thompson Creek journey begins with a home visit from a window replacement expert. We examine your current windows, provide recommendations, and give you a quote for the work. We also offer virtual consultations and take measurements remotely. 

Why Thompson Creek?

Home window replacement companies don’t all offer the same level of service. At Thompson Creek, we produce the best quality windows at an affordable price. We go above and beyond to provide professional installation and stellar aftercare.

Thompson Creek worker in front of truck holding window

Thompson Creek vs. Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows & Doors is a big-name Fibrex window supplier serving markets all over the U.S. Products include casement, gliding, bay and bow windows, as well as a range of more unusual window types. Thompson Creek offers the same window styles crafted from materials made to suit the local climate.

Unlike Thompson Creek windows, Andersen Windows & Doors doesn’t install windows. Instead, buyers have to work with certified third-party contractors, which can add a layer of complexity to the process.

Thompson Creek vs. Pella

Founded in Iowa in 1925, Pella Corporation is one of the country’s largest window suppliers. You’ll see Pella windows for sale on the shelf in many big-box stores. Pella Corp’s window replacement division, Replacement by Pella, deals mainly in all-vinyl windows in a range of colors.

Thompson Creek Sound Shield windows also come in a wide array of colors, but they also reduce sound, making them ideal for homes in busy neighborhoods. Backed by a No-Hassle Warranty and a Buyer Protection Guarantee, Thompson Creek windows look great and last for decades.

Thompson Creek Locations:

Want to find out more about window contractors in your area? Our service areas cover Mid-Atlantic regions in the north and southeastern parts of the United States: Maryland, northern Virginia, Greater Richmond, Hampton Roads, Washington D.C, the greater Raleigh, North Carolina region, and the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region.



Thompson Creek headquarters is in Lanham, Maryland. We work with consumers in most Maryland towns, including Annapolis, Frederick, Germantown, Rockville, and Silver Spring. 

We particularly enjoy the architecture in Baltimore, where we install windows designed to handle the ever-changing local weather. Our Baltimore customers appreciate Thompson Creek AAMA-tested replacement windows, which can withstand winds of up to 146 mph. ENERGY STAR rated and easy to clean, our windows are a long-lasting luxury investment. 

North Carolina:

We expanded our services to the greater Raleigh, North Carolina region in 2021. At Thompson Creek Raleigh, we provide long-lasting products with the same level of service we’ve been delivering to our customers since our founding. We know our customers can count on us for replacement windows, doors, gutters, roofing, and siding in North Carolina. 


In early 2023, we expanded our services to the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. Our Pennsylvania home improvement service areas include Montgomery, Bucks, and Chester counties. Pennsylvania homeowners can expect the quality and expertise that we’ve brought to our customers for 40 years.


Virginia homeowners benefit from Thompson Creek’s 40 years of experience in the state. We started working in the northern half of Virginia, where we serve customers in towns like Alexandria, Dale City, Burke, Fairfax, and McLean.

We’ve expanded to the Richmond area, where our windows are designed to match the town’s historic architecture. Consumers in Chesapeake, VA or Virginia Beach can visit our Chesapeake office in person, where they can view energy-efficient windows in a rainbow of colors. 

Washington D.C.:

Many people in Washington D.C. consider Thompson Creek the best local window company around. Our adaptable window designs are best-in-class and look outstanding in situ, whether your home is a row house, an iconic three-story Victorian, or a contemporary condominium.

How to Contact Thompson Creek

If you’d like to find out more about Thompson Creek windows, including energy efficient noise-blocking Sound Shield™ options, contact us today. When you get in touch, we’ll talk to you about your needs and then we’ll come and visit you or conduct a virtual consultation.

Get a Free Window Replacement Quote:

At Thompson Creek, we’ll take measurements and show you what your windows will look like when they’re installed.

After that, we’ll provide a comprehensive quote. If you’re happy with your estimate and you want to proceed, we’ll create your custom windows and arrange an installation day to suit your schedule.

We’re proud of the quality of our windows here at Thompson Creek. With that in mind, all of our products come with a No-Hassle Warranty on workmanship, parts, and labor. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next home improvement project.

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