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Premier Home Improvement Products in Bowie, MD

Spanning more than 18 square miles, and home to more than 55,000 people, Bowie is the largest municipality in Prince George’s County, and the fifth most populous city in Maryland. Located between Baltimore and Washington, DC, Bowie is made up of a diverse population and has nearly 2,000 acres set aside as parks or open space.

Operating out of Lanham, MD, Thompson Creek Window Company® has a deep familiarity with Bowie homes. For three decades, we’ve worked to increase energy efficiency and comfort for Bowie homeowners, while maintaining the beauty and style of the homes.

Replacement Doors in Bowie, MD

All Thompson Creek® doors are designed and manufactured in our local Maryland workshop. Our expert technicians use your home’s exact measurements and specifications to craft doors that make installation hassle-free and leave your Bowie home’s exterior undisturbed.

From 20-gauge steel to polyurethane cores and rot-resistant wood frames, our American-made materials endure through the decades and can withstand our varying weather conditions. Furthermore, our doors exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR® standards and come in an array of colors, patterns, and panels. With Thompson Creek®, you’ll have a door that matches your home’s aesthetic, while cutting down your monthly utility bills.

Window Replacement in Bowie, MD

As a Bowie homeowner, you’ve had to endure sweltering, muggy summers and chilly, frozen winters throughout the years. Thompson Creek® windows are custom designed to absorb heat during the warmer months and cold temperatures during the cooler months, keeping you comfortable within your home. What’s more, our windows can withstand winds of up to 153 miles per hour.

Like our doors, Thompson Creek® windows exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR® criteria and are manufactured with your home’s unique specifications in mind, leading to easy installation. We offer a wide variety of window styles and options, all of which are crafted with American-made products, so you’ll always find a perfect fit for your Bowie home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

For more than 30 years, we’ve prided ourselves on offering top-quality products and supreme customer service. Thompson Creek® even offers an unbeatable double lifetime guarantee on all of our doors and windows.

If you’re looking to start your next home improvement project in Bowie, look no further than Thompson Creek®. Learn more about how our beautiful, energy-efficient doors and windows can help you save money, and request a free, no-obligation quote.