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Premier Home Improvement Products in Manassas, VA

The site of the first major battle of the Civil War, Manassas, VA is home to many historic buildings and specialty shops. It’s also home to a population of 37,000, including many DC commuters who choose Manassas as an alternative to living inside the beltway.

With more than 30 years of experience in the region, Thompson Creek Window Company® is familiar with the beautiful modern and historic homes in Manassas. That’s why Manassas homeowners trust us to provide replacement doors and windows that enhance beauty, functionality, and comfort within their homes.

Replacement Doors in Manassas, VA

Our unique mid-Atlantic weather has been known to change rather quickly. Whether it’s snowing outside, or the region is blanketed in oppressive humidity, one thing that should never change is how comfortable you are inside your Manassas home. Thompson Creek® replacement doors exceed 2015 ENERGY Star® standards, keeping your home at the preferred temperature and saving you money on your utility bills.

All of our replacement doors are custom manufactured in our Maryland workshop for your Manassas home’s exact specifications, making installation hassle-free. We’re proud to offer a variety of colors, patterns, and panels for our doors, and we use only top-shelf, American-made materials. Furthermore, if you’re considering selling your home, Thompson Creek® replacement doors offer a 125% return on investment.

Window Replacement in Manassas, VA

Like our replacement doors, Thompson Creek® replacement windows are expertly designed and manufactured in our Maryland workshop using the best American-made materials. Our specialists build windows for your home’s exact specifications, making installation painless and leaving your Manassas home’s exterior undisturbed.

Thompson Creek® replacement windows exceed 2015 ENERGY STAR criteria, ensuring that your Manassas home is energy-efficient and comfortable, and that your utility bill remains low. Our windows are also AAMA-tested to withstand winds of up to 153 miles per hour. Choose from an array of custom window styles, colors, and options to match your Manassas home’s unique aesthetic.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ever since we opened our doors more than three decades ago, Thompson Creek® has been committed to our customers. That’s why we provide the best, most energy-efficient replacement doors and windows for Manassas homeowners. We also offer an unbeatable double lifetime guarantee standard with all Thompson Creek® doors and windows.

When you’re ready to start your next home improvement project in Manassas, contact Thompson Creek® for a free, no-obligation quote. Learn more about how our products can enhance the beauty, value, and comfort of your home.