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Looking for replacement windows in Annandale, VA? You’re in the right place.

Window replacement is an easy way to take your home to the next level. You can cut down energy bills, reduce noise, and increase natural light with something as simple as new windows.

At Thompson Creek, we’ve been in the window business for over 40 years. We’ve spent decades figuring out how to make and install the best windows for the mid-Atlantic region.

We don’t cut corners with our replacement windows. We manufacture them, install them, and then offer a 50-year warranty on top of that.

When you choose Thompson Creek for window replacement in DC, you won’t have to think about new windows ever again.

Replacement Windows In The DC Area

Replacement Windows

Windows are a big deal here at Thompson Creek.

We specialize in manufacturing and installing the best replacement windows in the area. We’ve spent over 40 years becoming the best so that we can help you get the perfect windows for your dream home. We’re the one-stop shop for your home window replacement.

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Replacement Windows By Thompson Creek In Annandale, VA

Why Choose Thompson Creek For Windows?

We Install The Best Replacement
Windows In Annandale, VA

#1: Stress-Free Window Replacement

Window replacement is a big investment. We get it.

You’re trusting our team to make major changes to your home. If something goes wrong, it could be an expensive fix, right?


Here at Thompson Creek, our replacement windows are the last windows you’ll ever need. We issue a total warranty for the windows AND the installation for 50 whole years.

If ANYTHING goes wrong with your windows in the next 50 years, you’re covered.

That’s how confident we are in our work – and how much we care about our clients.

No-Hassle Warranty

#2: Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We know our windows are the best. That’s why we guarantee you will be totally satisfied with your Thompson Creek home window replacement.

Our team does everything from designing windows to manufacturing and installing them. We’re involved in making sure our high standards are met through every single process.

Plus, when we make the windows, we know exactly how to install them the right way. Quality products and proper installation equal great results that you’ll love.

So, we make it a promise. Not happy with your replacement windows? Within 30 days, we’ll figure out a solution or issue a refund.

You’re our first priority.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee

#3: Innovation And Engineering

We’ve been named the premier home improvement contractor in the mid-Atlantic region because of our dedication to excellence. How do we ensure Thompson Creek is the best?

Our team is constantly asking how we can improve.

We’ve spent over 40 years learning what homeowners in the mid-Atlantic area need from their windows. Then, we’ve engineered our windows to meet those needs. That’s how we make the best quality windows for our community.

The replacement windows we install are the result of decades of innovation. Why settle for anything other than the best in your home?

Our Process

#4: Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Want to update your home and do your part for the planet?

Here at Thompson Creek, we design all of our windows to be energy-efficient. They insulate your home to keep it at a comfortable temperature all year round. With our energy-efficient windows, your home doesn’t lose as much energy on heating and cooling.

Plus, our windows are designed to last. They’re made from durable vinyl that can hold up to almost anything. Fewer window replacements equals less waste.

Why not make the climate-friendly choice? Invest in quality windows that are good for your energy bill and the environment.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Replacement Windows By Thompson Creek In Annandale, VA

Reviews Of Thompson Creek

Clients See Our Windows
Are Top Quality

“Would absolutely recommend Thompsons Creek. We had 17 windows replaced in 2019, and when we decided to order very large custom windows (4) for our sunroom in 2023, this was the only company we considered! We have had warranty work done as well, and every issue was addressed and repaired in record time. Highly recommend Artem, who has been our project manager, and Carlos, who has been our installer. Artem is very knowledgeable, and he showed up at the worksite multiple times and had great communication throughout the entire process. Carlos and his team are very friendly, on time, and did an amazing job with the installation!”

-Jennifer G.

“We called Thompson Creek Window Company on a Monday, and they scheduled us for a quote the very next day while also apologizing they couldn’t get to us the same day. Never even expected a same day, but this was a great start. On Tuesday, Erin Eissens came out, and she was beyond wonderful to talk with about replacing our windows. She was extremely professional and was also extremely honest about Thompson Creek and even their competition. We were incredibly impressed with what they showed us and how the windows they manufacture are different from their competition. We were given very honest information about what the timeline will be as we move forward with the replacement of our surprisingly large number of windows, and we are definitely looking forward to continuing to work with them and enjoying our new windows.”

-Ronald P.

“Had a great experience! I replaced all the windows in my home and noticed a drastic difference in energy bills and overall comfort. From beginning to end, the team was responsive. Highly recommend Thompson Creek. Plan to get my sliding glass door replaced soon as well!”

-Cathy C.

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3 Questions Homeowners Ask About Window
Replacement In Annandale, VA

Q: How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

A: The best way to figure out exactly how much your window replacement will cost is to contact us for a free estimate. Our team will figure out the scale of your project and the materials needed to get you the most accurate estimate possible.
However, we can tell you that we offer the BEST value on replacement windows in the area.

Q: What Areas Of Virginia Does Thompson Creek Serve?

A: Thompson Creek serves a large portion of Virginia and the broader area. We replace windows in Annandale, Richmond, Hampton Roads, Alexandria, Arlington, and more.

Q: Can I See An Example Of Window Replacements?

A: If you’re looking for inspiration or examples ahead of your window replacement, you’re in the right place.

We are proud of our work and love to show off our past window replacements. Feel free to browse our window gallery to see all the types and styles of windows we replace.

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