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Thompson Creek’s roofing installation services in Burlington, NJ, protect your home and family from the elements. If your roof fails, water damage from storms can not only wreak havoc on the structure of your house but can also encourage mildew and mold growth. This can be harmful to your family as well. Our roof replacement can help.

Protective Roofing Installation Services
For Burlington, NJ Homeowners


Thompson Creek Window Company offers roofing replacement and roof installation with several different shingle options. Among others, we carry Timberline Shingles, which come with their own guarantee. With proper attic ventilation, underlayment, and more, our roofing options offer protection that others may not.

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How We Serve Your Area

Here’s What To Expect

Your journey to getting your new roof begins with our initial consultation. This is when we measure your home and learn your preferences. During this meeting, our team will also sit down and go over all of the details of the project, including a timeline and price.

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Forty Years Of Service

For forty years, the Thompson Creek team has learned all that we can and applied that knowledge to improve our service for you. Across the Mid-Atlantic, we are known for our customer service and custom-designed products.

We Work For You

Community Comes First

During those four decades, the community has helped our team thrive at Thompson Creek. Because of this, we are dedicated to giving back by utilizing our experience and expertise to help those who need it.

How We Give Back

Trustworthy Warranty

Our warranty is one that you can trust. It is valid for up to fifty years, and you’ll never be hassled for using it.

Thompson Creek’s Warranty

Buyer’s Protection Guarantee

Thompson Creek also upholds our Thomson Creek Buyer’s Protection Guarantee. Yes, it’s a guarantee with our name on it.

Thompson Creek’s Buyer’s Protection Guarantee

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Thompson Creek Window Company Reviews

What Our Customers Say About Us

Totally impressed with Erin. She was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when she gave us the presentation. She explained the company, products, and what they could offer us. The pace of the presentation was good. She valued our time. We were excited to sign a contract and look forward to our new windows, trim, and gutters.

-Beth Turner

– –

I’m really satisfied with my experience. They were friendly and professional from the start. Their customer service was helpful, responsive, and polite, and they were able to send a representative the following day. Guy Stickley, the factory representative, was able to answer all my questions and get me a good deal on high-quality items. They definitely earned their 5-star rating and all my future business!

-Angel Villarreal

– –

We chose Thompson Creek to install our new windows. We wanted very good quality but also were on a budget. Their factory representative, Erin, showed up promptly for our appointment. She took much time and care to work with us to design each window so that not only would they look good but also save us money where possible by suggesting numerous options that would work with us. We are very pleased with the process and look forward to our installation.

-Susan Farley

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Questions Asked By Homeowners
In The Burlington, NJ Area

Q: What’s The Timeline And Price For My Roof?

A: We will first need to consult with you to understand your preferences. We will also need to visit the home, inspect your roof, and measure for the roofing replacement before we can estimate the time or cost of the job.

Q: Is Financing Available for Roofing?

A: Thompson Creek has flexible financing plans for roofing jobs in the Burlington area. You can have an application filled out in only a matter of minutes.

Q: Where Are Roofing Installations Available?

A: We provide roofing replacements and installations and other exterior home remodeling services for Burlington, NJ, and all across the Mid-Atlantic, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia counties.

For a more detailed list, please visit our Service Areas page.

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